MW leveling?

What skills are bread and butter here? Want to set up some glyphs for me when I hit appropriate levels.
Jab, tiger palm, blackout kick.

You pretty much spam those three and own your way to 90.
You should take a look at this:

It'll give you the rundown on how to heal, as well as commentary on the glyphs!
Thanks guys! I did see that Med, I was looking more for the leveling process from a killing bad guys standpoint and less for the actual how to heal (though I did read the guide you recommended, great info!).
Well, the answer kinda depends on how you're levelling, and what level you are!

If you're doing a bunch of questing then yeah, Jab, BoK, & TP are your staples. No glyphs to help you out on that until you can train Spinning Crane Kick and Path of Blossoms, though (not sure atm when we get those - I don't have it at lvl 30 - Outlands content I think?).

It's also worth pointing out that when you get the ability to use Glyphs at lvl 25... the only Glyph you even have an *ability* for is Fortifying Brew ;)

If you're doing 5mans, you need to be prepared for a) tanks who really know what they're doing and can manage their cooldowns well, and want to pull huge numbers of mobs at once, b) bad tanks, or c) or groups where maybe the tank is decent (or not) but you have dps'ers who have no survivability instincts.

Either way - if you plan on doing a lot of 5man *pugging* I highly recommend favouring ranged healing and its associated glyphs (Renewing Mists, Surging Mists if you want it to be a smart heal, and Uplift). At lower levels there's no question that your casted heals come out on top for pugging in most situations.

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