Just more Blizzard awesomness...

Wyrmrest Accord
No sarcasm here.



I always get so mushy when Blizzard puts little community easter eggs in. D:


That's awesome.
Ahhhhh crap my heart just asploded.

That right there is why I am, after all this time, still proud to call myself a gamer.

Strength and Honor, indeed. Right there is a group of people being fast-tracked for a Karmic High-Five.
All the d'awwws. Totally awesome of Blizz.

that was awesome!
Wow, what good people.
Bump - more people need to be reading this.
My eyes.... there's something in them.... I swear...

OH hell. I'm blubbering like a big sissy. This is a touching gem of a story.
It's a similar vein to the original post, I found another ah... batch of fresh cut onions... :o

Ok, so...

Yeah, most awesome friend someone could have. This guy deserves more than an in gamer item. Not trying to say its not a nice gesture from Blizz, because we ALL know it takes a lot to get put into lore. Maybe an actual NPC would be cool. A seeing eye dog trainer or something, would be my guess.

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