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I've leveled a pet to level 10, but cannot figure out how to get the new ability on the Action Bar. Can someone enlighten me?
Select the pet so that it shows up in the big window.
Click on the box, in the big window, that has the ability you want to change. Select the one that you want.
Note, up until the last time I did battles on beta, you had to re-select the abilities every time you swap out pets.
ahhh ... I see now. Thank you very much!

I was trying to "drag & drop" swap.
Wasn't working. :)
Hi Folks,

I just got to level 10 also and can't figure out how to enable my new ability.

What do you mean by the big window?

I must be dense.

It's not exactly obvious. Had to find the same info myself. Should just make the pet action bars expandable >.<

Edit: Forget the "big window" ... put your pet into a Battle Slot and then you'll see the arrow on the spell that you can change. Select the alternate option there. It appears we have to manually change the spell every time we put the pet in the battle slot ... /yawn
Open your Pet Journal (the one you choose your battle team with). In the Battle Pet slots, you can see what 3 abilities are active. Mouse over the first one and a drop down menu will appear. Click the ability you want to use.

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