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Some people are having problems using the mouse to maneuver their character - that is NOT the problem I am having. I can press the right and left buttons simultaneously and move my character perfectly fine.

The problem that I am having is that sometimes (with no pattern or correlation that I can yet tell) I cannot use my right mouse button to interact with objects, mobs, or NPCs. (and so-far, I haven't seen anyone having this particular issue.)


- There are quests in Mt. Hyjal where you have to gather things (arrows, eggs, etc). I was able to get enough to complete the quest but some items would sparkle and I would not be able to interact with them.

- When I accepted the quest to portal to the Maelstrom, I was unable to interact with the portal. I logged out, hopped on another character to check my mail, and came back and was then able to use the portal.

- While killing mobs in Mt. Hyjal and Deepholm, there have been mobs that I have been unable to interact with. I can interact with enough to complete my quests, but some have randomly become inaccessible to me. This means that they can target and attack me, but I cannot select them to attack back or loot/mine them. I have pressed the tab button a few times to target them and occasionally it will fix the issue and allow me to use my right mouse button again to interact with them. I have had to use the AOE looting to get my loot and I am pretty much SOL when it comes to mining the mobs.

In all above situations, the icon that should show up for me to use for the interaction (the gear icon or the sword icon, etc) do not appear and my mouse pointer remains the standard hand. I know that the mobs aren't "glitched" because I can still attack them and kill them and receive their loot (via AOE looting) if I can just target them.

I am running Windows 7 64-bit and I have the Steelseries World of Warcraft Gaming Mouse. The detect wow mouse option IS selected in my interface options. All of my key bindings are working as normal and, as stated before, I can maneuver just fine. This issue just started yesterday when I began questing in Cata zones. I have NOT tested any pre-Cata zones for this issue.

If you need any more info, please let me know. I really appreciate any and all help! This is kinda annoying and I would really like to get it resolved. :D
Sounds like an addon issue. Possibly an invisible/hidden action bar
Thank you for the response, but no, I don't think it is an addon issue. I logged out and disabled all my addons and I am still having the same intermittent problem. :D
My friend and I are having the same problem, and have been for about a week (so before Mists launch). I also have the problem even when I disable all my addons, and reloading UI does not help. Relogging does, though. The problem for me is also intermittent with no apparent pattern -- sometimes it'll happen twice in a row; other times I'll go an hour before it happens.
09/26/2012 11:04 PMPosted by Serabeth
My friend and I are having the same problem, and have been for about a week (so before Mists launch). I also have the problem even when I disable all my addons, and reloading UI does not help. Relogging does, though. The problem for me is also intermittent with no apparent pattern -- sometimes it'll happen twice in a row; other times I'll go an hour before it happens.

Yes, that is exactly how it is going for me, too! Thank you for posting - I am glad to not be alone in this. :D
Having the exact same problem right now. I have no addons on, perfect latency, no lag, 80+ fps. However, i can't click quest clickies, can't interact with gathering nodes, or sometimes loot corpses. When Milling herbs, i can't click the same herb over and over to mill the whole stack, i have to switch stacks in order to fulfill the milling process and get the components inside the loot window that doesn't pop up. Camped out and everything, and nothing seems to fix it.
Just wanted to post that I am having the same issue. I noticed this while leveling my panda through the plaguelands that I am having difficulty looting mobs (randomly - not all the time) and some mobs I am able to target while others I'm not. Yes...I am a clicker...lol.
I made a post on this a few days ago. Same thing happens to me .

At first I thought it may be an add on so not only did I delete them I followed the advice on the sticky for common errors. Deleted the WTF and all that.

And for a while it was fine . Maybe 1 mob out of 20 would be unlootable or uninteractable.

It seems to get worse the longer you play. And the only solution for seeing a sparkly and not being able to interact with it is to log in and log out.

Which , as we all can agree , is a pain and detracts from the fun and experience of the game.

I cant see any response from any blue's on this topic.

I have yet to level my herbing and mining , which I hear is exceptionally more crowded thanks to CRZ but its going to be double frustrating getting up to a node and not being able to interact with it.

For the record , this is the problem I have , some mobs , npc's , quest items arent able to be clicked on .

Mobs , you can tab target kill but you cant loot , unless you log in and log out . There are some times where you can run FAR AWAY from that freshly slain , uninteractable npc and then come back and you can loot it .

For me , anyways , it seems to get worse at higher levels and the longer hours one consecutively plays. I

It got so bad at level 70 , where whole swathes of quest mobs were completely uninteractive. According to my mouse over they werent there , just part of the background unless you tab targeted.

So , I deleted all my addons and have been playing with just the stock set up , which , for someone that has gotten so used to the convenience of some add ons is quite a shock. But from 70-84 it was only an occasional inconvenience but now it's become an issue again.

Again , no addons , with the default set up.

Please. Just a response or some advice from a blue would be great. It's just since the mop patch.
Try /reload instead of completely logging out.
Try approaching it from a different direction.
Also try luring another target from a new direction, close enough to the unlootable one to loot both after killing new one.
This last option doesn't allow skinning or useing a post loot quest item but may allow you to loot it.

No you are NOT the only one with this problem. It is happening alot, especially around the edges of Phased areas. Which includes all of the CRZ
Twilight Highlands still has this problem in a few areas since Cataclysm.
Having the same problem.
This really is very annoying, I've been having it happen throughout dungeons on my Pandaren Monk.
Yeh this is getting ridiculous.
Happening every 3rd object at the moment.
Having to log out and in this much impacts massively on gameplay.

I agree timing, and relation to certain zones makes me suspect an issue with CRZ.
Lol - just had the first time where logging out and in didn't fix it.
Rinse and repeat ftw.
Having the exact same problem. Have tried disabling addons, Deleting WTF, and the only way I can loot or interact with questgivers is to relog. This is extremely annoying, happens anywhere from 5 minutes after logging in up to 20 minutes.
Hey guys,

If logging out and back in or using the /reloadui command is affecting or resolving the issue, it means there's probably something happening with your UI.

Please make sure to completely clear your UI back to default if you're experiencing issues like this. With the game closed please go to the World of Warcraft directory and move or rename your WTF, CACHE, and INTERFACE folders. These are temporary cache files that will be recreated by the game the next time you launch. Moving them to the desktop makes it easy to replace them if desired later.
Technical Support
Want to speak with someone directly? http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/about/contact.html

Check your G-diffuser system!
Same thing for me! I can log off and on and its ok and works, but after a while, it resorts to the same hangup! I deleted WOW, reinstalled it and problem still exists. I deleted my three folders and restarted WOW -- problem still exists. The last thing I am going to do is play wow with no addons and see if that fixes it.
The issue is hitting me too and it's not on my side of things. I've reset everything, I don't use add-ons at all. My right mouse button just periodically does not work. I even thought it might be an issue of my mouse since I noted if I pressed down hard it would work more reliably. But even then, it didn't always work.

As a note, this isn't even an issue with selection when you first press it, my right mouse button randomly lets go in game too. IE if I'm using both mouse buttons together to run I will randomly stop running and find my mount pointer has reappeared as if I had let go of the button.
this happens to me sometimes, I normally will zone out and then walk back because /reloadui doesn't work.
I was having the same issue and turning on friendly name plates allowed me to interact with the NPC. Hope this helps someone else!

Been having the same issue lately, especially with mailboxes for some reason : /

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