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Yeah I'm having this issue too, but didn't know relogging fixes it. I'll keep it in mind.
Blizzard, get a clue, its only happened since MOP came out. Ive been having the same issue, it happens on random questgivers and mobs, where its like they arent even there. My workaround right now is to do a /target and then use a keybind for "interact with target" so you can pick up the quest or loot etc. I submitted a ticket, stating that alot of people are having this issue and their answer was "reinstall your video drivers" they must think we are idiots. the problem isnt with ui mods, some part of the game isnt recognizing that our mouse is over an interactive object, the armored hand never changes....you need to look into this.
I also have this problem, I just can't loot some things, very annoying in dungeons, and of course I've done all the necessary things to clear cache etc, yet the problem still persists.

My friends all have the same problem, started happening with around patch 5.0.4
This is affecting at least 10 members in our raids as well.

Soulwells, Feasts, targeting the boss, etc.
Hey guys,

If logging out and back in or using the /reloadui command is affecting or resolving the issue, it means there's probably something happening with your UI.

Please make sure to completely clear your UI back to default if you're experiencing issues like this. With the game closed please go to the World of Warcraft directory and move or rename your WTF, CACHE, and INTERFACE folders. These are temporary cache files that will be recreated by the game the next time you launch. Moving them to the desktop makes it easy to replace them if desired later.
Technical Support
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As referenced by Sapperwix a few days ago, this is NOT an addon issue:

Same issues:

Unable to interact with random features - everything from mobs to portals to quest objectives. All targeting methods seem to be affected. Left/right clicks, tab, double sided sticky tape...

Only using one add-on at the moment: NPC_scan

Same fixes tried:

log out/in (annoying as all get out), exited game and restarted program (even more annoying), deleted wtf/cache folders, uninstalled and reinstalled game (please gods, no, don't make me do this again).

All of the above have just been band-aid solutions. Problem just keeps recurring with increasing severity.
im having this same issue from time to time and have to relog and i dont use any addons
Having this issue with archaeology fragments. If I walk away and do another one, then go back, I am usually able to pick it up. Reloading ui doesn't work.
Having similar problem. I think I tracked it down to LUA errors being generated by Addons. As the Error log fills up the problem gets worse.

Started seeing this problem abou July of 2012. I suspect it is an Archy bug but not completely sure.
I wonder if it has something to with Cross-Realms being implemented. It seems like cross-realming might be messing with the UI on objects, quest items, targeting, npc, etc. Just a thought. I have deleted, reinstalled wow, deleted addons, loaded certain addons, and played with no addons and same problems exist.
Hey guys,

As Sapperwix mentioned, we're now looking into the issue further and don't believe it to be addon related. As such, the best place to discuss this is over in the Bug Forum:
Technical Support
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