Pets Tab UI needs some work

Pet Battles
I have around 290 total pets in my tab and it is really frustrating to find the pets I need. The filters are a little clunky and there are some pretty glaring omissions. Here are a few suggestions for things to add in the future.

1. Sort by name. This seems like a pretty glaring omission. Pleeeeeeeze add this sorting ability. Whatever the logic drives the order of the pets in my list is completely mysterious to me. It's just a big jumble of pets in seemingly random order.

2. Sort by level. Sometimes I just want to look at my highest level pets and see what my options are.

3. Not as crucial, but it might be nice to see only pets that have duplicates. I hate trying to tame a wild pet only to discover that I already have 3 pets in my journal. Especially when some of them are of poor quality.

I'm sure Blizz is already thinking of great ways to improve the system, but these are the things that are bugging me so far.
I know this doesn't help people who don't use addons, but check out the addon petjournal enhanced. It'll sort by name, level, AND filter pets to the current zone you are in. Very helpful addon!

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