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Anyone else getting a lag spike when you loot, open bags, open quest dialogues, mine/skin/pick herbs, or talk to a vendor?

I've noticed it starts after I've been playing for about 15 minutes. Interestingly, if I pull up the map right before the loot box opens, I don't lag out.
I have the exact same problem, whenever I change gear or loot I massively lag. Judging on the large number of threads similar to this problem it's an issue blizz needs to get on ASAP
I experience the same problem. I use Bagnon 5.0.4. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. The game freezes when I loot a corpse or quest item/object.
Same issue incl. when organizing bags and on opening character tab. No issue with looting though.
i have a theory, the reason why boa's are only server bound is not a choice by blizzard but an issue with hardware, the servers do not like to communicate like that, so suppose your current region is hosted by a server other than your own, the lag is likely because the servers do not communicate well. just a theory but i think theres something to it.

i do have this issue myself fairly often, but im not sure about the server hosting the reigon when it has happened
i'm having this same issue with the panda monk that i just started on the venture co. server

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