Want to start new RP character.

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I really want to start roleplaying, but I don't know where to start. I know I want to play Horde, but I have no clue what server to pick, and am still undecided on race and class. Any and all input is appreciated.
Well theres a wonderful horde guild on Cenarion Circle called Rising Sun Fellowship, that is if your willing to make a blood elf
I can't stand Blood elves. I wasn't aware that guilds were racially exclusive.
There are some racially exclusive guilds, and many that aren't. It depends on the guild's RP storyline. Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord are probably the most active RP realms, though all the RP realms have an active RP population. On Wyrmrest a lot of the horde-side RP is mostly done among guilds, doesn't seem to be an overwhelming amount of random RP just happening out there. However there are many excellent RP guilds across both factions on Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord.
You can check out Earthen Ring's RP community at earthenring.net
Whats wrong with Blood Elves? =P
09/27/2012 07:38 PMPosted by Sty
Whats wrong with Blood Elves? =P


jk jk Sty don't get butt-hurt :P

What ISN'T wrong with Blood Elves? =P

Fixed that little typo for you. Don't worry, happens to the best of us.
If you are looking for background information on the races and classes, there is a character creation guide at lore.dramatis-persoane.com
Unfortunately, the guide is currently out of date, but I still consult the race pages when I am making a new character. We are working on updates, so check back in a few weeks.
To start off,try something simple.Try a large realm,like Moon Guard or Wyrmerst.Sortve ease into it,and if you like it,stick with it.Playing on a larger realm helps because there can be experienced Rpers willing to help you.This is the best advice i could give,and i know it is pretty horrible.Good luck have fun ;3

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