Symbiosis cast time too long

Am I right or what guys?
Considering you have to be out of combat to cast it and you have to do it every time you zone in I don't understand what would be so bad about making it instant cast.
I hate having to tell people to stop moving in dungeons so I can symbiosis them.
Yea, it is pretty annoying.
/ Signed
Once went a whole dungeon without finishing its cast from tanks rushing. Even got locked out a boss casting it.
ikr..even the person targeted has to be out of combat. should just make this a instant cast
I usually don't even cast this is 5 mans for the reasons listed above. I don't understand a cast time on something that needs both people to be out of combat.
Ugh, yes the cast time is ridiculous. Half the time in dungeons I never get it on anyone because of tanks chain pulling.

The out of combat restriction is enough to make sure it's not abused.
waay to long
Is there a list somewhere of what I get when I put it on people?
09/27/2012 03:19 PMPosted by Evy
Is there a list somewhere of what I get when I put it on people?
I don't see any reason why it isn't an instant cast.
I would guess that the reason it isn't instant cast has something to do with pvp.
Oh yeah. PvP: making the game more annoying for the rest of us since 2004.
One second cast will even do. 5 seconds is just... =/ Considering both you and your target need to be out of combat, if your opponents in an arena match allow both of you to get of combat then you quite frankly deserve a symbiosis switch. Hell, I'd imagine two of you not fighting in an 3v3 or 5v5 would have some serious ramifications for your team as well so... what's the problem again?
Look on the bright side, at least we're the only ones with the spelll, even tho the cast time sux!

Overgrown Lilypad
OMG yes, this is my one complaint with the ability. When playing as resto, the cast time has been so long that there's been a couple of groups zerging so hard that I couldn't cast it the whole instance. On the rare instance that we're not in combat for 5 seconds, the target walks out of LoS.

Worst part is when combat starts when you're 90% done casting it.

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