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So every night before I start my commission work (which is my job n' stuff) I do a warmup sketch/doodle of something.
Usually it's one of my own characters (usually the newer ones). But it gets really boring to draw my own characters over and over again and my friends are notoriously fronkin' difficult to get character descriptions from.

So basically I'm looking for unwitting Willing volunteers. To draw. >_>
And yes, these will be completely free.
I will be doing these every night until further notice! (I take sundays and mondays off as my weekend.)

But do you suck at drawing, Baen?
Not entirely, but I still am not as good as I want to be.

1) Post as many descriptions as you like!
2) Don't repost your descriptions. I saw them the first time :3
3) These are sketches. No complaining about the lack of colour or fantastically clean lines.
4) Constructive criticism is great! But again, free sketches.
5) Don't complain that I haven't drawn your character. This is a good way to get me to never draw your character.
6) Please do not ask me to draw ...'adult' art. I have no problems with it but I would really like to be able to post the finished sketches to this thread, and I can't do that if they're NSFW. :P

There are no guarantees about getting a sketch. I don't (and won't) have any real kind of system for picking what to draw. Some nights I wanna draw cool stuff, other nights I'll just want a simple kind of character to doodle. It's all up in the air.
Also, this isn't a frakkin' popularity contest. I'm not beelining for any friends in this thread- everyone has as much chance of getting a sketch as everyone else.

So now that I'm done blowing this way out of proportion and sounding really pretentious- post some character descriptions, will ya?

These will be black and white sketches. There is no colour. I do not care what colour your character's eyes are, so don't bother including it.
Here's a template since we're all lazy-

Visual Age:
Physical Build: (Stick figure, stout, beefcake, athletic, flabby, etc. Include reference pictures if you like)
Usual Demeanour: (Cheery, irritated, chillax'd, spacey, etc)
Garb: (Nekkid, robes, water wings, armour, etc. Details and reference pictures are gud.)
Scars/Markings: (Facial tats, piercings, maggots in cranium, etc.)

Other Notes/Reference Pictures:
Imgur Gallery for easier browsing:

Sketches So Far
*bounces up and down and waves both arms*



Name: Kurze
Race: Orc
Gender: Male
Visual Age: middle age
Hairstyle: long/braids
Physical Build: built, muscular, about like what you see on the model but without the hunch
Usual Demeanour: either A. cackling lunatic or B. raging lunatic
Garb: robes, as you see in the AV.
Scars/Markings: eh, none of his runes would be visible with the robes on. So just the horns and crimson eyes.
Oooh! Oooh! Human Fred!

I think I sent you a description in DeviantArt, already.

But... in case!

Charles Frederickson.

Human form

Height: 6'2

Weight: 285 lbs. (Pretty chubby, stocky in general.)

Red hair, thick, short and swept back with a medium length. He's got a thick layer of body hair... pretty much everywhere. Outfit? Shirtless with the kilt in the avatar.
Name: Vol'kuza

Race: Troll

Gender: Male

Visual Age: Mid 30s

Hairstyle: Bald

Physical Build: Lanky and thin

Usual Demeanor: Bitter, Cautious, Frustrated, Angry

Garb: ZA/ZG Cloth set, Hexxer Mask optional (Ya know what I'm talking about. The usual Volk gear.)

Scars/Markings: Tribal bat tattoos on any visible skin including face. Warpaint can be included. A few simple earrings. He also has a scraggly beard.
Name: Venita

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Visual Age: 30

Hairstyle: Messy loose bun (if in uniform), curled and long (if not in uniform)

Physical Build: Short, slim, blue eyes and black hair. Nothing special.

Usual Demeanour: Concerned, worried, unsure.

Garb: Something simple or T8 priest. Up to you, idc. (naked is okay too)

Scars/Markings: Completely scarred on her back from whip lashes.
me plz.

Name: Altaiea

Race: Draenei

Gender: Female

Visual Age: 28 (DRAENEI AGIN'.)

Hairstyle: Mostly as seen on model, but; goes down to mid-back, the hair over the left eye is a litte thicker, brushed behind a horn all messily.

Physical Build: ... I'm crud at this. Curvy, 'course, not -fat-, but there's weight on her. DD.

Usual Demeanour: Happy.

Garb: Current set is good, or perhaps an Astralaan robe, or the smithy garb I'm sure you've seen. if not, the description; white swashbuckler shirt, gray leather pants, gray leather fold-over-the-ankle boots, gray leather gloves, and a breastplate that covers her chest and back. The Truesilver chestpiece if you've seen it. And two smithy hammers!

Scars/Markings: Along the right side of her exposed belly, scars from shrapnel; not large, but there's quite a few of them. Also noticable on the right side of her neck. Has two earrings, emeralds coiled in gold, dangling from chains to a tiny clip in her ears. Eyes are emerald-green 'cuz reasons.
Oh, me, me!

Name: Calmai
Race: Blood Elf
Gender: Female
Visual Age: Young adult (early 20's, in our terms, ish, I guess)
Hairstyle: Raquel
Physical Build: Tall and athletic, a bit lanky, relatively flat up top.
Usual Demeanour: "Sup bro." Just casual usually, in combat she's very focused and intense. Has a tendency to smoke thistle.
Garb: Work clothes! Denim pants and tank tops mostly, usually stained with oil or gasoline. When dressed for workin' on the bike she'll usually have a sun visor of some sort and goggles, but leave the latter at rest around her neck when not in use. Armor is the Beastmaster set. Do whatever you want.
Scars/Markings: Black eagle tattoo on her back and shoulders, barely shows from the front.
I'd love to have a character sketched! Different styles make me smile.

Name: Keirik Trueaim
Race: Blood Elf
Gender: Male
Visual Age: Well aged, like a fine wine.
Hairstyle: Like it was hacked at with rusty sheers.
Physical Build: Taller, built but more so for grace and agility.
Usual Demeanour: Laid back and a lazy smile.
Garb: Simple, effective daggers and well worn leathers, usually the trial of the grand crusade armor set, no capes or masks.
Scars/Markings: Stubble on the chin and a large ragged nip in his right ear. He also has a clean cut from the corner of his eye to where jaw and ear meet.

Trying to find a drawing a friend did....

Edit: And found it!
Accidental double post. i r smrt
do lortar

you know you want to

ps: he's got snakebites now

Name: Lortar
Race: orc
Gender: male
Visual Age:
Hairstyle: 35-37
Physical Build: Stocky / Husky
Usual Demeanour: Chillin'
Garb: feel free to do whatever~
Scars/Markings: Snakebites, couple of random nicks everywhere
Name: Khajro Saberlotus
Race: Night Elf
Gender: Handsome male
Visual Age: 24 (cuz ya know he's a young nelf guy)
Hairstyle: The same as it looks in game
Physical Build: beefcake
Usual Demeanour: chillax'd
Garb: Shirtless, with the following armor on his legs, feet, hands and waist:
I love art of my succubus

Race: Succubus
Gender: female
Visual Age: young
Hairstyle: succubus hairstyle
Physical Build: regular
Usual Demeanour: happy/lovestuck, and innocent in this picture
Pose: Pinup.
Garb: usual garb of the succubus
Draw me?

Name: Melithiria
Race: Blood Elf
Gender: Female
Visual Age: 21ish
Physical Build: About the same as the human females ingame
Usual Demeanour: Calm, happy
Garb: *points to armory* Replace helm with horns.
Scars/Markings: None that I can think of.

Other: The hair on the back part of her head reaches to her hips. She usually has wings: like so.
I'd love some art of Revy, if you'd like to do it! :3

Name: Revy
Race: Gnome
Gender: Female
Visual Age: Young / Just reaching adulthood
Hairstyle: Short, brown, with a flip at the front - akin to her avatar
Physical Build: Average for a Gnome, not muscular.
Usual Demeanour: Curious, artistic
Garb: No goggles, and akin to the clothing presented in reference pictures, but without the guns / cigarette.
Scars/Markings: Two rings at the top of each ear; tattoo - same position as the reference pictures - if you want to include the tattoo, you can do what you like for the design.

Other Notes/Reference Pictures:
She has natural but big eyes.
Her clothing resembles that which Revy wears from Black Lagoon:
Name: Aeter (Joseph O'Rallio)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Visual Age: Mid to late 20's
Hairstyle: Messy Ponytail
Physical Build: Athletic, a touch chubby. Constant stubble.
Usual Demeanour: Cheerful, slightly flirtatious
Garb: Make it up! He usually wears nice clothing in a somewhat casual style, such as good shirts that are slightly unbuttoned.
Scars/Markings: A single scar on his left cheek that pulls into a deep dimple whenever he smiles. Slightly crooked teeth (Not horrible, but no colgate smile).


Thanks for the requests, guys! I'll only have time for one a night (unless I get bored and want to do more during the day) so although these will be coming out slowly, don't hesitate to post more :3
I liked what I saw in your drawings. I think you have a good grasp on people's definitive features. If you'd like to give drawing Dorick a go that would be cool.

Name: Dorick the Steadfast
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Visual Age: Late thirties/early forties - real age 42
Hairstyle: Head completely shaven, but greasy. Facial hair is as it appears in the armory but with stubble everywhere else instead of a clean shave.

Physical Build: (Copied from my MRP.) Dorick is a gruff middle-aged man who looks to be in his late thirties. His coarse and bristly facial hair frames his jaw evenly in stubble and his bent nose looks like it has been broken and healed a dozen times.

His head he keeps shaven, for he is a perpetually greasy man and his hair is the worst of it. Broad thick shoulders, a muscular body, short height and a short neck give Dorick a rectangular shape.

Edit: He's 5'7" if that helps.

Edit: He's a hairy man besides. His arms and chest and legs and back are hairy and so on. Even them backhands, fingers, feet and toes are hairy.

Usual Demeanour: Dorick is a man who has grown from burning hatred and perpetual vengeful rage to a warrior of grim determination and unwavering resolve. If you've played dragon age then think of Loghain's expression. Almost always on the brink of a scowl, but never roaring or raging.

Garb: Same as his armory picture. He wears that combination of dark plate armor and the tabard.

Scars/Markings: Other than his broken nose which I mentioned earlier, nothing else of note.
Name: Björn Blackmane
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Visual Age: 28
Hairstyle: Black(raven black for cute and sex), wild like, large bushy ponytail and hanging strains. Bushy beard. BIG forest of chest hair, like run fingers through and graspable.
Physical Build: Stocky, 5'10. (If you need more info...I think ruggedly handsome fits him well, I don't know but yea surprise me <3)
Usual Demeanour: Cheery, happy, abit cocky and self-less
Garb: (CHANGED MY MIND, wanna see a shirtless B...gotta show off that hair baby!) Shirtless. Pants and a belt on.

Around his neck is a silver necklace of a kaldorei woman holding up a cresent and both of his ears pierced with small wooden tauren totems. He also has an amulet around his neck with the Cenarion Circle symbol on it. Talk about that bling! Hopefully that's enough to make art from.

Scars/Markings: Left side of his face is covered in swirling blue pattern tattoos that interlock. He has a few scars over his body, some in the middle of his eyebrow that's kinda pronounced. Both his wrist are tattoo'd with green ivy that wrap around it.

Feel free to add Thea on his shoulder or not.

Plenty of Fae art!

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