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Moon Guard
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Baen, you are incredible. It's totes cool if you're not into drawing Cythe, but in case you are here are her deets!

Name: Cythe
Race: Blood Elf
Gender: Female
Visual Age: 23
Hairstyle: Loose black pincurls (
Physical Build: Slim.
Usual Demeanour: A little amused; a little sinister.
Garb: Something black and slinky.
Other Notes/Reference Pictures:
If you could make her look like a predatory insect while somehow keeping her sexy, you deserve kisses. Lauren Bacall's cool smirk and soul-piercing stare is my inspiration for her looks.
Name: Subotai Jadefrog
Race: Pandaren
Gender: Male
Visual Age: 45
Hairstyle: Short ponytail, thick pandaren beard
Physical Build: Thickset, pot bellied even for a Pandaren
Usual Demeanour: Jovial with a hint of sadness in his eyes.
Garb: loose knee length britches, rope belt, shirtless, geta (, wrist wraps.
Scars/Markings: His fishing bird (crane) usually with him or his son.
>see this thread
>Baenhoof doing free art
>hyper ventilate
>pass out
Name: Miyuki Stormflower
Race: Pandaren
Gender: Female
Visual Age: Around 25
Hairstyle: Hair in a long pony tail.
Physical Build: Reasonably chubby, as any pandaren should be.
Usual Demeanour: Watchful (though not paranoid), protective and happy.
Garb: Tier number 4
Scars/Markings: A small, straight scar on her right cheek. Round emerald earrings.
oh drw me im cool i swear im cuul

Name: Orazio
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Visual Age: Mid-Late 20s
Hairstyle: Red ponytail just over armpit length, thrown over shoulder like a sissy when he's presentable and left hanging out back when not. Immaculate goatee, exactly as it appears in-game.
Physical Build: Mostly athletic, slim, slight belly pudge accentuated by his doublet.
Usual Demeanor: Somewhat haughty and proud. Very serious, attempts to make himself look stately and serene.
Garb: Old doublets and trousers that have seen their fair share of dust and damage, mostly mended; colored black-and-gold or scarlet. Usually covered by a big red cloak or robe. Head's capped by a stiff wide-brimmed hat, and he carries around a very pointy longsword with dulled edges and an emerald-capped walking cane.
Scars/Markings: Nope, none.
Other Notes/Reference Pictures:
Here's some screenies I cobbled together, if you need em:
And I've been really keen on picturing Orazio as Ben Foster lately. The resemblance is uncanny, and I didn't notice it until after he was rolled.

Whoever you choose to draw, I look forward to seeing your sketches.
Sup, girl. i herd u liek blood knights?

Name: Relleron Sungaze
Race: Blood Elf/Sin'dorei/whatever you want to call them
Gender: Male
Visual Age: Early-Mid 30's
Hairstyle: Spikey (If you need a visual guide, it's the "Swept" hairstyle)
Physical Build: Tough, large, built.
Usual Demeanour: Cranky, occasionally sly.
Garb: Armor, but can be drawn in a swashbuckler shirt because I don't like the questing gear I have :x
Scars/Markings: Missing portion of the tip of the upper-left ear; slashed scar from right cheekbone to chin.
Name: Palanar Onstric
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Visual Age: 40
Long, black, below jaw but over shoulders. Comparable to Human 'Loose' hairstyle. Beard is about an inch long and riddled with scars.

Physical Build:
Tall, broad shouldered. Muscles are large, but not very defined.

Usual Demeanour:
Foolish, amused smirk that accompanies a confident stance.

Armory is pretty accurate (If my helmet is not blue or I'm not in Imp Plate, check the reference pictures!). Tabard is frayed at the bottom, under the leather bit. He wears a leather knapsack that is COVERED in pockets. A two-handed mace hangs from a leather, button-strap frog on the back of his right shoudlerblade, attached to the armor. The inside of his shield is covered in religious verses. Hanging from a velvet cord off the right of his belt is an old, leatherbound book with aged pages and a seal of Lordaeron on the cover. When his helmet is off, it is tied to left of his belt.

His beard is riddled with short cut scars, a long slice stretches from his left cheekbone to his chin.

Other Notes/Reference Pictures:
Dense Triangle Mace - Mace - Body, though scaled down a bit - Backpack
And, in case I'm a derp or in leveling gear, here's the armor. - Front - Back - Left - Right

I'm actually cool with it being line art. I need to see if my line-art coloring skills are still up to scratch.

Christ, I write too much.
Ermahgerd Baen arts.

PS Baen I love you ok? Ok.

Name: Zarindre (Zarindre Tal'aera if you wanna be fancy)
Race: Blood Elf
Gender: Female
Visual Age: Young-ish adult. Think Mid-20s as a human reference. Old enough to know better but still young enough to not give know.
Hairstyle: Long, straight, parted (see character portrait o'er there)
Physical Build: Kinda muscular, not all that curvy. Small chested. And short.
Usual Demeanour: Sarcastic but quiet.
Garb: Simple monk-ish lookin' stuff.
Scars/Markings: None on her face, but her ears are pierced up the lobe, twice on the left and three times on the right.
I'M SORRY BAEN I usually have sketches for ease of drawing but...
Hope I made this somewhat easy for you.

Name: Guihua
Race: Pandaren
Gender: Female
Visual Age: Young Adult
More or less this, sans decoration. The bun at the back of her head is held in place by a comb.
Physical Build: Has the typical pandaren curves but is a bit trimmer and shorter.
Usual Demeanour: Serene.
(More or less something like the dress above, save for the fact that the orange overcoat would be folded properly and cinched closed by a belt.
Her garments maintain the elegant, traditional Pandaren style while still remaining practical for extended travel. A thick white overcoat is layered over a thin, pale jade tunic, cinched at the waist by a decorative gold and black band. The hem is embroidered with cranes and falling autumn leaves in golden thread and the flowing sleeves of the tunic and overcoat are pinned back above her elbows for ease of movement. The pair of sandals she wears are well-worn and comfortable.
Scars/Markings: Face is mostly black, save for two dots of white at her eyebrows and her muzzle.
Very big, expressive ears.
Tips of her fangs peek from the sides of her mouth.
Worn old scar across her nose.
Name:Nicholas Ravendane
Race: Worgen
Gender: Male
Visual Age:middle aged
Hairstyle: Nico actually has a bit of a Mohawk growing out of him, and it seems to go to about mid mane. A quick reference to it right here.
Physical Build: I would like to think that after spending pretty much all his time fighting and training he would have a somewhat of a athletic body, but still skinny.
Usual Demeanour: Cheery and relaxed. Always cheery and relaxed.
Garb: This is pretty simple! Its pretty much the T9 rogue gear. Easy enough, lets not forget the tabard of course Which is pretty much a Lordaeron. Tabard."Sagenod"
Scars/Markings: Claw marks going down aross his face from left to right. Missing part of his right ear. and has four gold rings in his left.

Edit :cause I forgot to add that he has Raven feathers braided into his mane.


Gender: BRO.

Visual Age: OLD MAN.


Physical Build: P90X GRADUATE.

Usual Demeanour: SAD AND LONELY, LOUD.




In all seriousness, completely having disregarded the post above, all that you'd require is the original picture in which I had comissioned by a man of the name 'Laniskar' qutie the while back.

As he is depicted; a gentleman of old age, nearing the end of his life, with a brutalcountenance and, of course, an infamous eyepatch. I'd love to have something done concerning him in a pirate costume, if only for myself.

An admiral, mind you.

A sexy admiral.

Something simply for a few laughs. As you may note, as well, he has a rather wondrous beard, its thick hairs composing the grandeur which is facial hair.

I love you, Baenhoof.

Sketches So Far

dat everything

I am too lazy for templates. Have an RSP instead.

Plain in life, Lisenne has not been much improved by death. Her complexion is a few shades too fair, in stark contrast to the darkness of her hair, and her eyelids have blackened. The gaslight blue of her eyes marks her as Ebon Blade even in the absence of insignia or runeblades, casting a necromantic pall over her too-angular features. She is lightly muscled, her ready posture and economy of movement reflecting years of disciplined service. Affixed to her right pauldron, there's an enameled casting: a roundel of black, with a white bird, its wings elevated in display.

Judging from the way she hangs her weapons, Lisenne is left-handed. There's a furrow at the base of her left ringfinger, as if the flesh has been gouged away, and it has healed with silvery scar tissue, the ragged edges visible around the ring she wears: truesilver, channel-set with diamonds. Her ears are pierced at the lobes and high upon their taper, and set with truesilver hoops.

Her voice carries the echo common to all death knights. She smells of roses and orange blossom, but underneath her floral perfume, there's a hint of coppery tang.

Demeanor is FULL MAX SRSFAES and her garb is Scourgelord, as per my transmog. Also she has a pet raven now named Nasturi THANKS BLIZZARD ILU:

ilu2 baen
Can you do Tian Xiliu for me? I just haven't gotten into Meek like I have her.

Name: Tian Xiliu
Race: Wandering Isle Pandaren
Gender: Female
Visual Age: Appears to be in her mid-late teens.
Hairstyle: wild, pinned down barely. Messy
Physical Build: plump and happy.
Usual Demeanor: shy, stutters, spies on people cause she finds them interesting but cant bring herself to speak to them. .
Garb: Whatever, she's not picky
Scars/Markings: 'freckling' on her face. Little patches of black fur that resembles freckles of a human

RL reference:
I'm a bit late to the party, but if you end up getting this far.

Name: Shirexia
Race: Blood elf
Gender: Female
Visual Age: Appears to be in her early to mid thirties.
Hairstyle: Long and black, waves loose and whispy curling at her cheekbones, down her back.
Physical Build: Tall, sturdy, muscular - not bulky, but formidable.
Usual Demeanour: Aloof, quick to frown.
Garb: Expertly crafted leather, form-fitting and durable. I use the savage leather set minus shoulders and helmet.
Scars/Markings: Nothing outwardly visible aside from calloused hands.

RL reference: Think Mia Kirshner.
Name: Tywin Ladekahn
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Visual Age: Significantly elderly.
Hairstyle: Short tresses from beneath his chapeau. Has a long beard stretching down his chest.
Physical Build: Tall and stiff, well postured.
Usual Demeanour: Solem and smiling.
Garb: Ornately tooled white robes, studded with dyed leather, always unsullied. Always wears a Chapeau. Carries a staff symbolizing the Holy Light.
Scars/Markings: None.

Other notes/References: Gandalf the White.
Thanks for even offering to take requests for free! You're too cool for doing this.

Name: Zhao Windpaw.
Race: Pandaren.
Gender: Male.
Visual Age: Middle aged.
Hairstyle: Same as the toon to the left. :>
Physical Build: He's 6'4'', pretty beefy since he's a Pandaren. I'll have more info down with my MRP.
Usual Demeanour: Chillaxed.
Garb: This, if you could. :> Oh, and a nice staff.
Scars/Markings: Claw-scar on his right eye with an eyepatch on the same eye (like the armory-version itself.)

My MRP if you don't mind reading a little extra. ♥♥♥

An unfortunate individual because of his scars, it is no doubt that he has run into a fair share of aggressive invaders to the Wandering Isle in the past, or even recently, with the crack in Shen-zin Su's shell. Regardless, his closed-mouth smile and usually high cheek bones suggest he is a peaceful, if not friendly, fellow. The most prominent scarring on his face would be somewhat long clawing around his right eye. As a result, it is assumed he was blinded by the old attack, and now wears a leather eyepatch to cover the eye at all times unless a different helmet is worn. He is surprisingly tall for a creature of his race, standing proudly at six feet and five inches. That being said, his weight is more distributed along his longer legs and torso, resulting in a less fluffy/cotton-candy look, to a more athleticly chubby demeanor. With a thick coat of brown fur with several spots of white (mostly on his face, with only a brown portions around his eyes). His jawline is home to a thick brown beard to match with his coat and eyes. With a thin moustache leading down to it, one can say he is quite proud of the head of hair he holds on both the top of his head, and the sides.

His large hands that are typically curled into fists typically hold a staff of some sort, but not for any combat purposes. He usually uses it as a helping stick, aiding in his sauntering footsteps to wherever his body allows him to tread. It is more of a quality of life rather than a necessity, because his legs are fully capable of taking him. His real weapons lie within in his hands. More specifically, his knuckles. Being a monk, he grew up and spent most of his years training in martial arts, giving him the expertise required to be able to fight without a sword, hammer, or even a staff.
OH OH ME! -frantically waving his arms back and forth in the air-

My pandaren!

Name: Shirito Firebelly
Race: Pandaren
Gender: Male
Visual age: Young though sporting a beard
Hairstyle: Topknot that spreads out at the ends.
Physical Build:Bulky, more muscle than fat, tall.
Expressions: Tranquil, yet fierce panda.
Garb: Starting Gear for monks, but with a curved blade and a jade round shield
No scars
Frederickson if your character design wasn't inspired by Iskandar from Fate/Zero then I am, in fact, a monkey's uncle.

For Frederickson!
And another, this time for Volkuza.

Colour was not intended, but I wanted to make the eyes pop a little bit so it kind of got away from me.

Edit: I'mma keep going on these. Had a rough night, doing a bunch of mindless quickies like this is making me feel better. Gonna keep editing this post with more urls as I finish them.

"Have you ever seriously looked at your hands? Light, they're ridiculous. Look at them. I can't even deal with this right now."

I didn't draw the armour- elected to put her in the swashbuckler top and pants, though. Hope that's cool.

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