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Moon Guard
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dear god your sketch of altaiea made me squeal. AND I DO NOT SQUEAL LIGHTLY

I will totes be posting a description here once I can think up something for nel to wear that isn't buttfugginugly

...srsly, I love your spacegoats

moar pls
10/01/2012 12:37 AMPosted by Neluura
dear god your sketch of altaiea made me squeal. AND I DO NOT SQUEAL LIGHTLY

alta's just the best
10/01/2012 11:42 AMPosted by Altaiea
alta's just the best

she's pretty high on the hnnnnnn scale, I will give you that
lmao what in the even

Last night of the night off, can't guarantee sketches tonight. Tomorrow night, though.
feeling nine kinds of terrible tonight so i'm going to take the night off. i spent most of the day in bed. woooooo~
Awwww, I hope you feel a bit better. *gives giant hugs*
I think I went overboard on this one ._.

OMG. This is my favorite one now. That is one hot elf. I'll have to post a description of my bookworm Cam later... when it's not 130 in the morning.
xD That is one pretty hot belf.

Feeling much better today, thanks for all the well-wishing :3 IT HALPED.

10/04/2012 03:53 AMPosted by Maarcus
On top of that, I imagine a strange and unholy mix between David Wenham and Sean Bean.

Hi Baen. I held off on posting Gith's description and info because you looked to be swamp with all the others ,but I suppose if I don't get one in I'll never get the chance. I've only got one piece depicting Gith which a friend did for me, but I would like another.

Name: Githnji "The Butcher"

Race: Darkspear Troll

Gender: Male

Visual Age: Mid-age for trolls

Hairstyle: Shoulder-blade length white dreadlocks

Physical Build: His rangy limbs and shoulders stand out in gnarled bunches of muscles, held together by sinewy features washed in the dusky blue hue of his weathered skin and short fur. Cavernous eyes watch from below his brow. A faint reflectiveness like that of a jungle cat in the night can be seen in those eyes, giving off a slight red hue. Fluid movement permeates his gait causing a saunter to appear both leisurely yet brisk, reminiscent of a serpent pursuing prey.

Several shrunken heads hang at his belt along side a skull with voodoo glyphs burned into the bone. A single 13 inch obsidian blade is sheathed horizontally and securely at the back of his belt.

Usual Demeanor: Mysterious; aloof

Garb: Taught black leather wraps most of his form, accented with equally rugged looking leather died a deep red sown into the outfit. His attire is fastened with numerous straps, belts, and small metal studs.

Scars/Markings: Despite popular belief among those who know Githnji, or know of him, the black mask upon his face with a white strip across his eyes is not a tattoo but rather a regularly applied war paint. If a glimpse could be caught, the image of a troll stylized ouroboros tattoo would be seen warped around the bottom of his neckline.

Additional reference:
I was just wondering, how do prioritize these? Are you just progressing in the order they were submitted?
10/04/2012 05:07 PMPosted by Ladekahn
I was just wondering, how do prioritize these? Are you just progressing in the order they were submitted?

09/26/2012 11:53 PMPosted by Baenhoof
I don't (and won't) have any real kind of system for picking what to draw. Some nights I wanna draw cool stuff, other nights I'll just want a simple kind of character to doodle. It's all up in the air.
Needs more Gnome art. :<
Name: Aliannera Earthblade

Race: Kaldorei

Gender: Female

Visual Age: Mid to Upper-20s.

Hairstyle: Short, tomboy-ish.

Physical Build: Ali has an athletic build and is around average height for a night elf. She has a flat-ish chest, and is a bit muscular from her warrior days, but since she went into retirement around a year ago to become a priestess, she likely lost a bit of that muscle.

Usual Demeanour: She tends to have a more serious attitude, but is mostly calm and gives thought to things more than she use to. If you want, she could be meditating, sitting in the standard night elf sit animation.

Garb: A long sleeve robe, barefoot, carrying a simple staff on her back. Nothing too complex, Ali's not one for expensive looking outfits, does not try to stand out.

Scars/Markings: Her facial tattoos are the claw ones, as shown. She has two loop piercings in her right ear, and one in her left with all three near the tips of her ears. A scar marks the right side of her face.

Other Notes/Reference Pictures: hai baenykins.

Streaming. idfk.

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