Quest: Guerillas in our Midst is bugged

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The quest: Guerillas in our Midst, part of a quest in Grookin Hill in the Jade Forest is bugged because after doing this quest, General Nazgrim still follows you. This is making players having to log out and then log back into the game. Then General Nazgrim will be back in his rightful spot. Can you please fix this?
ive been having that problem as well.after ive beaten all 8 of the alliance spys, nazgrim still follows me.
Yeah! same here. I am glad it's not just me! now that I am aware I will move on!
Just popping in to say yup happened to me too.
Still going on with no fix yet ><
Sorry to necro the post again, but if you just run the General outside of the Grookin Hill area, he'll disapear, then you can then re-enter Grookin Hill to turn in the quest. I've had it happen to me twice and that was the only way I could figure out how to turn it in. Hopefully it gets fixed.
How did this quest make it out of beta like this? lol. Let alone through several bug fix patches and one large content patch.
Just happened to me too. So you have to log out and back in...great. :(
yeah has been happening to a friend of mine as well. we finally got her through it after her 5th run of it and now the last quest over by the outhouse is not working for her every time she goes to talk to the goblin the screen goes black for the switch and just stays black
And still going . . .
LOL its a year later and this is still happening! I'm just trying to do my Loremaster and now I have a general following me around. Time to relog! yay! :/
I'm going to need someone to go ahead and get this quest and have Nazgrim follow them into Siege of Orgrimmar to help kill himself. (This is totally possible, shut up)
Still bugged. Spent a while trying to find him before I searched Google. Is this all about wasting our time so you don't have to design new content? The second quest I've had to /reload at this hub. I don't even want to be here, just need the quest to get out.
Still busted :-/
02/20/2014 11:40 PMPosted by Jamash
Still busted :-/

Well, this thread has one hell of a history of being bumped.

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