Taming Kalimdor

Bug Report
Good morning, I seem to be stuck on the questline for the taming kalimdor achievement. I have currently done five of the battle masters and need to do the ones from Zunta to Cassandra Kaboom. When I go to Durotar to talk to Zunta he gives no option to battle him, neither does the one after Analyssa. I have tried restoring pets to full health and also using lower level ones and still not getting the option to battle them. Which kind of sucks as I'd like these dailies open, same as I have the Eastern Kingdom ones open.

Anyone know why this is?

If it helps, it's on my character Rinrin and she's alliance.

Thanks ♥

Edit: I also have this problem with the tamer in Shattrath City.
I'm assuming you actually have the quest to talk to the trainer? So far as I'm aware, you can't battle one unless you are on that quest step.
From what I've read elsewhere, it seems that the Eastern Kingdoms pet trainer quests are only available to Alliance and the Kalimdor ones only available to Horde. As long as you have a Horde toon on any server of a reasonably high enough level to do the quests you'll get account-wide achievement credit. If not then getting a DK out of the starter zone only takes a couple of hours.

No idea about the Shattrath trainer though.
I did all alliance taming, and i created a Horde char and got the 1st quest to battle the 1st horde tamer, but after i kickedhim, theres no follow up quest and no more quests available in the city tamer, this quest is bugged, i got the full achiev on my horde char lv 14 but not on my lv 90 alliance char.


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