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I don't really understand this system, and all my searching hasn't turned up any answers anywhere yet.

I played around with the pet battle system in Stormwind until I had 3 pets at level 3. I switched over to a Horde character to do some things and with that character I stumbled across an NPC in Orgrimmar, who sent me to an NPC in Durotar, I thought, though I might be confused ... I can't find that NPC listed under Master Pet Tamers in Wowhead. Anyway, then I was sent to Dagra the Fierce in Northern Barrens. After winning against her, I was sent to Analynn in Ashenvale. About this time, I noticed the 2 Sacks of Pet Supplies in my bags, and when I saw the soulbound items, I decided to do the next couple of NPCs on another character. So I left Horde and switched back to this character again and went to Analynn in Ashenvale. However, after battling her pets and winning, it ended there; she did not refer me to any more Master Pet Tamers.

So I looked them up on Wowhead, and decided to go to each of them myself. I decided to go to Old MacDonald in Westfall next, based on the levels of his pets and mine, but when I got there (on a 3rd character, Alliance), he had no option to battle.

It's all a bit confusing. What triggers this chain and what makes a Master Pet Tamer willing to battle me or not?
Hmmm they chained for me so not sure. Maybe your pets need to a little higher in level before it will offer that quest for you. So if it were me I would level a battle group 1-3 levels and then see if I had a quest option.
It triggers based on your highest pet level. You need to have the quest, or they won't battle you. If you didn't get another quest when you defeated the previous one, it's *supposed* to automatically pop up when you get to the correct level.
Thanks for the suggestions! I chose Old MacDonald because his pets (according to Wowhead) matched the level of the team I had at the moment. I was thinking perhaps Analynn wouldn't refer me to the next NPC because my team wasn't high enough.

But in another thread just now I read that you have to pick up the next quest with the same character you started this quest chain with; so I went to Analynn with my Horde character that had been sent to her, and sure enough Analynn gave me the next quest then.

In the thread where I got this answer, they said there's another similar quest chain, but for Alliance, that starts in Stormwind. Now I'm wondering what triggers that to be offered to me? I began playing with pet battles on this character I'm posting with, and I played around with the pets, learning how it works, in Stormwind, much of that time being right next to the trainer, but I never saw any quest offered to this character. Then, as I said in my original post, I logged onto a Horde character, level 70-something, and happened across the quest in Orgrimmar.

Could anyone clarify for me please? Also, if there's some resource with more information on pet battles than what's on Wowhead at the moment, please let me know.
so with that original character idea how does one find out which character he started with? I have several and well to be frank I don't remember where or which realm.? I looked in achieves but it just shows that th first two are beat not any other information.?

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