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10/02/2012 01:49 AMPosted by Marilion
say im on a pacific server like kil'jaeden, but im eastern and would like to switch to a server of my time zone - could I xfer to say, alterac mountains, as it is a valid destination still.

Of course you can transfer - you just have to pay for it. Free transfers are only to and from specific realms. There's no flexibility there.
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09/28/2012 05:54 PMPosted by Magicnugz
So free transfers... I have never had an issue before with logging in in the past. Now all of a sudden I do. Why isn't there a population cap? That would make too much sense I guess.

I see where you are coming from with the population caps. But, if implemented Blizzard would have to constantly delete low-level, inactive characters. Why? To make room for high-level, active characters. To be honest, I like your idea . . . even if it means my placeholder characters would be deleted.

But here's a better idea: Blizzard should get bigger servers to be able to handle large loads of online players.
I have a problem - my current guild on the Garrosh server wants to move to Stormrage - so moving from a medium population to a HIGH population realm with high log-in queues. Is there any way that I can somehow retain my guild reputation if I choose to remain on Garrosh, or will I lose it when the guild moves? I'm really dismayed that they want to move to a higher population server, but it is because they want to recruit more players. I'm disappointed that all my time spent building up rep is for nothing.

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