HELP my screen turns black!!

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I have a Gateway m6850fx. graphics card is an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600. I recently encountered a very frustrating bug which started a few hours after MoP release. What happens is my screen will go black for a few seconds and come back either dimmer than it was before OR like nothing ever happened. Sometimes it will stay black for a longer period of time where i can see feint highlights of certain objects on screen. Super annoying trying to level up to 90.. SO here is what i did after dealing with this for a couple more hours..

First i tried updating drivers. Said all were up to date so i uninstalled my graphics driver then re installed. what happened next? my computer started to shut itself down... so i let it sit for a while after many unsuccessful attempts to turn it on and it finally works. but the black screen bug during wow Does not go away.

Next i decided to just re install windows Vista.. after my laptop shut itself down a few more times i got the restore disk to boot. I formatted the drive and redid the entire update process HOORAY wow sorta works.. after installing / patching all night i finally log on and play for a while with no problems. and then the pesky black screen comes back..

Someone who knows whats going on please fill me in. it still says my graphics are working properly.. only while im playing they are not. Some people told me this is a WoW bug others told me my graphics card just sucks. but i checked the forums it should be compatible with my card.

Ive turned my graphics down to the lowest settings and this is still a problem.
I have the same problem, and have seen multiple posts with the same problem with no response from any blues. Any help would be appreciated because I feel like my money is wasted if I can't play the game. The only temporary fix I've found is if I reset my graphics settings in-game, then it temporarily fixes it, but in about 5 minutes it always starts coming back. My graphics cards are all up to date, and nothing else should be a problem. I can run every other game with much better graphics just fine.
I was Expecting an email from a GM with some tips to help resolve the issue but never got them. I have opened a tech support ticket hoping to get some help. When and IF I do i will let u know Itchybeard.
Still need help. Trying everything. Still wont correct itself.
same thing has started happening to me last night and all day today.. i can play/do aything on my comp for hours but after playing wow for about 5 min screen goes black.. any soultions yet???
same problem if i run the game fullscreen the game is completely unplayable if i go windowed mode it flickers once every couple of minutes or sometimes stays black for whole minutes I know for a fact that my computer can handle wow but I cant find any help on this subject. Never had any problems playing wow on highest settings until 5.04 and now i can barely play on lowest settings on windowed mode
IVe been successfully loging in and keeping clear of the black screen for the most part. It only happens right as i am entering the world for a second or two.. i was able to enter raids/ dungeons. and made it through the first boss in MV. BUT i havent done anything to fix it.. so maybe just good luck. either way Im happy i can play :)
Literally the day after my last post my laptop got the black screen so i alt-tabbed and the black screen was not just on WoW any more. I restart my computer and it just keeps shutting itself down. i try starting in safe mode.. same thing happens. I attempt to restart in last known good condition... same thing... shuts itself down. I re install windows and I make it to the extracting files step.. it stays at 0% for a few minutes and shuts itself off.. needless to say my computer is BROKEN FOREVER :((((((( i am okay with paying $15 a month for wow. and the $40 for expansions when they come out.. but to pay $1000+ for a new computer is a little to much considering how much i have already spent in time and $$ to this game. its a shame. and to think about what im going to do when it comes to school hurts my brain

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