what am i doing wrong? [Solved]

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Thank you guys very much, i now have a running computer with no problems. You are all awesome.

so i finally got my copy of windows seven for my new build, everything seems to be working except there is a cross sign on my speaker and network connection. when i insert my usb wireless adapter i get no detection warning to let me download the drivers for it.

under devices i see that i have real teck high definition audio and intel network for networking.

windows 7 says the reason there is a cross on audio is cause there is no peripherals such as speaker or headphone plugged in, when i plug in my headphone it still says the same thing.

hope i have installed all the wires probably on my mobo
You need install drivers separately, and Windows does not provide them separately.

Realtek stuff can be found in realtek website (realtek.com.tw), specifically:


As for the wireless, what company / model name is of that wireless adapter?
the wireless adapter's name is

Wireless USB Adapter

i have the cd that came with that adapter, it is really old i think i bought it in 2003 haha. it worked perfectly fine with windows vista, with windows seven even if i try to manually double click the driver and then update driver and then direct the system to cd where the driver is...it still says could not find the driver for unknown device.

anyway, think i will get a new adapter one that works with windows 7.

can i save that driver on a cd on this laptop and then use the cd on my desktop to install the drivers for the realtek audio?
You could, you can also use USB stick.

Yeah, that USB wireless adapter is too old. Windows 7 x64 has no support for this. Only x68. You'll have to get a new one.

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