Bye bye Hordies and any hopes for World PvP

Dear Blizzard,

The faction imbalance situation is out of control here on Kel'Thuzad. I feel bad for the poor Horde that dare show their faces around the new MoP areas, to the point where I feel lame for attacking them. Blizzard, you've made claims to be trying to bring back world PvP with MoP but have yet to show any sort of plans for balancing factions. What sort of world PvP can there be when there's only one faction on the server? Please figure out a way to even things up a bit. Offer free server transfers, only for Alliance and to a wider variety of target servers. Offer free faction change for Alliance only.
it would be a little nice to see some new faces or old faces in org again but w.e
Yeah, goodbye KT. You won't be missed.

On topic: feel lame for attacking? you're not helping. have fun watching everyone leave and never seeing world pvp again.

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