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Horde US Saurfang is currently recruiting for our 10m core raiding team. Our team is dedicated to downing bosses as fast as possible but maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere at the same time

If you like to push yourself to the limits and would enjoy a friendly guild with great players, excel at your class and love to raid then we may be the guild for you!

In High Demand Of:

- Resto Druid
- Mistweaver Monk
- Restoration Shaman

Range Dps:

- Warlock
- Hunter

Raid times (based on Saurfang server time):

Wednesday 8pm - 11pm
Thursday 8pm - 11pm
Friday 8pm - 11pm
Sunday 8pm - 11pm

If you would like to apply for these roles please visit
Still needing 2 healers, 1 ranged dps and another melee dps
Raid comes out tomorrow still need 2 healers, 1 ranged dps and 1 melee dps. Come and apply to our friendly and dedicated core raid group

Just need 2 healers 1 rdps
1 Healer and 1 MDPS to fill the ranks and we are good to go !
Good luck with progression!
Thanks! you too n.n

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