What do you tell a level 35 mage?

I am new to mages, I only had 1 level 85 in Cata, and that would be my priest. I would be focusing on him right now if it weren't for the fact I have no intention of buying MoP til Tuesday or Wednesday, due to my friend IRL moving back from Cali to where I live, and we will be leveling and experiencing MoP together.

For the time being, I have until Tuesday to get to 70, for a bet consisting of 20 dollars. Just a little bet for the lols while he is on his way back. So I have a few questions for the experienced players out there.

I currently am level 35, apparently, and I am trying to find the best spec, and possibly priority SPELLS, to be using. I currently play as frost, and I am loving it. I constantly have top DPS in any dungeon, period, end of story, monks do come in close 2nd. (well, did, until level 27ish where they just fall behind with my major DPS output)

Would fire be any better for questing/dungeons? When I que for bgs I am certain I will most likely want to be Frost. The survivability is insane, and the freezes, slows, and insta-cast crits for around 800-1k damage when the target is frozen is just insane, and I decided scorch/ice barrier as the current talents I use. Thinking about leaving scorch behind for the talent that let's you cast 2 spells, that are less than 2 second casts, to be usable while moving. I mean, 1 min CD for 2 Frost bolts on the move? I think yes, as I never really use scorch.

I just want some added input on my situation. Would fire be worth it as an off spec, as I have no intentions of playing arcane unless I am convinced that it's the way to go. Also, how useful would Fire be in a BG at my level? I hear it has great survivability and mobility, but I find mobility to be no issue as Frost, and I still put out a ton of damage with instant casts.

Any advice would be useful, also, a dumb little question about leveling with BoA's. As I only played Cata for the last 2 months of it's release, and I only played the first 3 months of WotLK. (Granted, I have played off and on since November of 04. I just never was a hardcore player, I was just here for the fun of the game) - Is queing for dungeons that I can only get the quests from, and leveling the best way to go at this point? Here recently DPS ques anywhere between 10-40 so far on any of my chars has been instant, up to around 4 minutes, no longer. And I hate to re-run an instance that I am not getting quest XP from, as it kinda wastes my time. Or am I lying and should I go ahead and random dungeon que + quest, or just quest? BGs in my experience is slow leveling, even though it's fun. I do que one every now and then when I am in the higher levels of the bracket, IE - 23 or 24, or 28-29.

Sorry for the long posts about randomness, it's like 3am and my laptop has 15% battery left and I CBA to login right now, even though I need to get leveling like, 2 hours ago. But whatever, any information/answers/advice/ - anything you want to add in that I may need to know, just whatever, will be greatly appreciated. I love my mage right now, and hope it remains this way. With your help, I do believe it will be a great experience into MoP as a mage. (: kthx.

Yours truly -
Teevee/Regulations/Tyrant/Gnömèrcy of Tichondrius. (:
You can call me Jesus. (Not HAYSUESS, Jesus, as in God's son, because that's what my friends think I must be referred too, and I will not object to this) <3 kthxbai

TLDR write !@#$ about low level mages and how I can be uber1337haxorpro. < pl0x?
Epic fail, I posted it as my priest. I am now a little upset.

But this would be the sexy mage I speak of. (:

armgdoublepostarebad!? Btw I'm new to the forums, so I'm not sure if I should be adding this reply, but I feel it's important to my health.
Newby myself, but I found a nice guide. Right now, it's only for 85-90, but it's still useful...just take out the spells you don't have yet. They're saying it will be expanded to include earlier levels soon.


Right now I'm doing Frost for the control, but Fire AoE looks like it will be fun later on.

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