When you heal during dungeons, do you:

OP, you haven't had that experience yet where you've pulled 10 times, are tired, sweaty, dirty, and just generally are ready to stop playing. You agree to do another pull, and group morale is quite low. Somehow, either the proc gods smile upon you or everyone's focus aligns simultaneously, and your group gets past that derpy problem you were having before. You, as the raid healer, pull your top dps back up from the drains when he was <10%. That dps goes on to kill the add that would've killed the tank, which would've wiped the group. You down the boss seconds after the enrage timer has begun, with group members being one shot all around you. The cheers in vent have to be quieted on your speakers to avoid waking your family, and you relax into your chair with that calming sense of exhausted accomplishment.

If you've never felt that, then healing probably means very little to you.

Edit: oh, this is a UI discussion? He asked about healing being fun, then assumed that a UI change would do that. No, your UI will not change your role's fun-factor. You either like being responsible for people being alive, or you don't.

P.S. - Leveling as a healer is generally boring. Everyone knows all the fights and is just farming experience. Since you're a druid, I would tank if I were you. The queues are faster and you have a chance to make more of an impact on the run in the old content. You can then start healing in MoP again, where the fresh content generally uses our skills more.
I absolutely despise healing with the Blizz UI. I use Elvui along with a couple other addons that help visually with tracking certain buffs.

The raid frames I use are nice and colorful. I'm a very visual person, so anything that enhances the raid frame is helpful to me. Each frame has the name of the player and the color that player corresponds to(warrior frame is brown, shaman frame is blue, etc...). It also has icons in each corner for things like earth shield, riptide, earthliving, etc...

I don't find the Blizz UI to be visually stimulating at all for healing. Look into Elvui. I used xperl for years and nothing could replace it, not healbot, not Vuhdo, not grid...it took me maybe 1-2 weeks to get used to Elvui and I love it. I use clique with it so all I have to do is mouse hover over their frame and heal them.

Some people just don't find healing enjoyable, which I can understand...I'm not one of those people, 8 of the 11 toons I play are healers.

Find the right healing UI for you and you'll probably enjoy healing a bit more. :) Good luck.
09/28/2012 06:11 AMPosted by Vyers
Some part of it is my lack of faith in other people to do it right. The whole "do it your own self" mentality.

This... And I loved playing hybrids... When that went away, I switch to using an atonement disc priest to raid heal and loved it because I wasn't sitting there just clicking HB the entire time - I was dps quite a bit as well as healing.
Anyway, as for a shaman, I love it, as well. Earth Shield gives you some freedom to cast spells on bosses and with Water Shield on, mana isn't that big of an issue. :) Def. find shamans funner to play than any other healing class now.

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