Boomkin DPS????

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SOOO I finally dinged 90 last night and started up my heroic dungeons as well as the Sha world boss. I was LAST on dps. I know my rotation, in cata I was usually top dps and parsed on every fight. Now it just seems that I suck as I am towards the bottom of the pile against other classes with the same ilvl. Any thoughts?? Anyone else seeing this?
It's because of the Symbiosis suckage. Everyone else got a new ability that helps them. We got a low-level utility spell from other classes.
Gear will help out a lot. We are much more secondary stat dependent than ever, we also do a huge amount of burst with cooldowns up. We are kind of a mix between ret pally and fire mage from cata : / ... Do a lot of damage with cooldowns up, and have a lot of secondary stat rng (crit) and our secondarys stink right now.

Our haste is incredibly low right now and even with crit improved, at this level I think everything reforged to haste would be best. We don't have enough stats to go for crit yet. Once we have enough haste we can start stacking crit (in raid gear) and I think our damage will go up. We don't get many starsurge procs atm due to that low crit, dot uptime is also not being increased via crits. You might wanna give soul of the forest a try for more sustained dps.

Make sure you are using incarnation in lunar and then proceeding to use CA after that ends. While my burst is up I haven't seen any class touch me. Unfortunately it falls way off after that.

All I can say is hang tight, hopefully raid gear improves our situation. But frankly we shouldn't have to wait til our secondary stats catch up to do decent dps. It's the same problem fire mages have always had at the start of expansions except their rng got vastly improved by adding inferno blast. We will see how it goes tho, cross your fingers.

I do have to say that our aoe is stupid. Hurricane is our best aoe and it's boring. You aren't cycling through eclipse and will lose your haste buff... It doesn't make sense, solar does the most aoe yet you would have to channel 8 seconds worth of astral communion to get out of it and into lunar to get nature's grace back, in which time you are now in a worse eclipse for aoe. Trash is painful...Multi dotting does less damage than hurricane... I wish we could get a new mechanic of shrooms applying dots or helping cycling through eclipse while aoeing a little better. Maybe hurricane could proc something or help cycle through eclipse. I'm not sure but as it is we lose nature's grace and it's much too important to lose so easily. Hopefully people have ideas. I am not satisfied with it as designed. Astral communion is nice, but it shouldn't be a necessary way to cycle through eclipse unless there is down time. Feels clunky :(
I know the rotation very well and when I was 85 I was lightning everyone up. Only a lock was able to keep up with my initial burst.

At the moment im just trying to get up to the lvl 92 boss hit cap before I can even think about a secondary stat. I would love to see something to the affect of shrooms adding both moonfire and sunfire to its targets that have no dots on it. Our raiding break points and hit cap just seem a little ridiculous 5100 for hit and 5273 or w/e it is for the haste breakpoint.

It's just embarrassing when I'm questing with my wife (disc priest) and she is doing more dps on the target than I am on occasion.
I'm just now trying boomkin out? Why do all boomkin roll gear with spirit? Is it solely for mana regen?

I have also noticed in aoe pulls im usually last and in boss pulls im not top either. This is due to me being a nub at boomkin I'm sure.
Boomkin (shadowpriests and elemental shaman as well) get hit from spirit.
Any one else agree with Altarys?

If this is true, Blizz is even more fail than I thought.
I agree with him to a point except the haste part. I just wanted to know if anyone else was seeing this crap dps numbers.

Right now to get raid hit capped is almost impossible without all heroic dungeon gear, so you really can't talk about a secondary stat until u get hit capped. You can do this in 2 ways, get hit capped for dungeon bosses only or get hit capped for raid bosses. I prefer to just get hit capped for raid bosses now so I don't have to worry about it when we raid next week and redo everything monday.

I feel SS procs a good bit for me but noticeably less than before. As far as AOE it is crap but I just stay in Solar and go back and forth btw shrooms and hurricane, nothing else is really worth it.
How is blizzard fail?

I would hope we aren't swimming in secondary stats with no worry about hit this early...

Where is the fun in gearing up if you don't see your DPS go up significantly from tier to tier?

If i was in charge, and there were going to be 3 raid tiers in an expansion I'd do it like this:

heroic level gear: 3/4 of the pieces need to be reforged to hit.
tier 1 gear: 1/2 need to be reforged to hit
tier 2 gear: 1/4 need to be reforged.
tier 3 gear: none need to be reforged to hit, and possibly some can be reforged out of.
I haven't really noticed this at all, anecdotal evidence is anecdotal but single target boss fights I've been pretty steady with everyone I've played with, besides a few extremely exceptional people I know. AoE-wise I feel like we could use some changes.
Hey evil how you been :) I feel your pain my friend even simcrafts show us second to last dps overall. Blizz has no love for the boomkin, I'll be rolling resto for awile until I can snag some more gear.
hey zim wut up long time no see...
I made a huge mistake with wanting to lvl balance. I kill mobs in the quicker in catform in balance spec in caster gear. Fricken ridiculous, I think thats where my dislike for this expansion is coming from right now.
Heh. I went Balance and regret it pretty hard. I'll be gearing up for Feral and swapping as soon as I can.
09/28/2012 06:45 AMPosted by Evilsquirel
At the moment im just trying to get up to the lvl 92 boss hit cap before I can even think about a secondary stat.

Yeah same. I was surprised at how much of my gear I had to reforge in order to get enough Spirit for hit cap. A lot of my precious Crit ended up going toward Spirit. Need to get my hands on a straight Spirit or Hit trinket so I can get some of that back.
Your agility weapon probably isn't helping any. :)

Also, I've seen a few boomkins do great in heroic dungeons so far. Have any logs to share with our more experienced boomers?
I don't think Boomkins are that bad. I had no problem pulling 4 at a time and starfalling while leveling up. Instances when I first hit 90 were annoying because I wasn't hit capped so missing spells was very frustrating. I seem to be keeping up fine with the other 2 dps I run dungeons with (ele shamy/spriest) and I haven't even reforged or enchanted most pieces yet.

For Sha of Anger, I don't kno what strat you used, but the strat we used to kill him involved a lot of movement and that really hurts our numbers. We assigned a rogue and surv hunters to do the AoE, so they were on top of the meters, but we brought whoever was on in the guild (lvl 86+) so I don't know how many 90's was beating on damage.
That's pretty sad to hear. I just switched to Balance after trying it out and really enjoying it. AoE is pretty boring, but I liked the single target rotation and jumping from phase to phase a lot. I also really enjoy being an OS healer. I enjoy healing, but only in short bursts. I find battling monsters more entertaining most of the time than battling those health bars that keep trying to deplete when I want them to behave and stay full. When will those health bars ever learn?

Really though, if things don't improve much, I might have to go back to kitty, and I would much rather not do that. I love Balance, but nobody enjoys being bottom of the DPS chart. Here's to hoping that numbers look better with good secondary stats!
1. oh my god hey squirrel


ps, yeah it kind of sucks at the moment but I'm just trying to keep my head up. I'm waiting to see potential, I suppose. Kind of lame aoe nowadays but hopefully things get better.

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