Boomkin DPS????

our aoe seems to be an afterthought. After having great aoe due to stronger dots and shrooms in cata we got borked as they tried to move away from multi dotting. Somethings gotta give. Eclipse only works when we are able to cycle through it and aoeing offers no way to cycle. Our mechanics need some revision. I still think shrooms should be looked at for this option, either apply dots so that starsurge procs and helps us move or simply make them much stronger and use up a certain amount of energy... Something, anything to help cycle. Nature's grace is too important to lose and as has been pointed out using hurricane depletes mana, which is another reason for needing to be able to cycle through eclipse.
I sneaked a peak at Cyous's trinket choices and OMG thank you for choosing this one because it made me realize I should also:

By equipping this, I was able to get back all of the Crit I had reforged to Spirit in order to reach Hit cap, PLUS the on-use trinket bonus is amazing paired with Celestial Alignment and Nature's Vigil. Doing much better in dungeons again.

PS Ignore my gems and enchants. I'm being cheap and lazy right now.
What is your DPS on a single-target fight? Most boss fights I do in Heroics I'm the top DPS. Boomkin is definitely one of the worse-off specs right now (along with Hunters), but even with bad gear you should be able to pull decent DPS.

What I do is cast Celestial Communion three times before the boss (If you're starting from the halfway point) until I'm close enough to Lunar that one Wrath cast is enough to go into Eclipse, then:

Cast Starfall, one Wrath (to get you into Lunar), Incarnation, DoTs, and when Starfall falls off, re-cast it. Starfire till you're out of Lunar, pop Celestial Alignment and any Trinkets, if applicable, when Starfall falls off, re-cast it. Re-cast your DoTs and spam Starfire till CA wears off, then continue on with your normal rotation. If possible, have a Shaman or Mage either use Hero/Lust at the beginning so you get the full benefit, or get them to tell you when they're using it so that you can line up your CDs with it.
@Altarys - i agree with pretty much everything you've said here, except the aoe part.

i am finding that astral storm outdoes hurricane for mobs, and if you can astral communion to a lunar eclipse for a starfall makes it even better. really only need for mushrooms now is planting them prepull or for the slow.
I almost feel like entering solar eclipse is a DPS loss. No numbers to back it up, just how bloody abysmal wrath feels and unspectacular hurricane is. And the whole spec rotation is feel pretty bleh in between pulls without NG... -_-
trust me astral storm is worse than hurricane. Look at the tooltips here:

Hurricane is better for aoe, even with starfall in my experience. There might be a number of mobs and time spent alive where starfall+astral storm is better than hurricane but I haven't done any calculations on that... Otherwise, hurricane is clearly better.
I've been doing a lot of heroics since I hit 90, and I'm honestly not seeing what a lot of other balance druids are. In AoE situations and sometimes cleave situations I tend to be pretty low on damage (possibly because I'm not sure what I'm doing at all in those situations). But on single target fights, even fights with a decent amount of movement, I frequently come in first at around 42-48k dps (typically around 5k higher that the next highest dps I see).

Maybe my results are skewed because the other dps I'm with are only good at aoe, but I've been in a decent amount of dungeons, and it's almost always the same. That would be a pretty big coincidence. Heart of the Wild cooldown is a huge dps increase (on par with incarnation/celestial alignment).

I primarily wanted to post this because I am by NO means a great balance druid. I mess up my rotation in literally every single fight I've done, and I'm still capable of keeping up in single target fights.
Is astral storm weaker because we can stack it with a whooping large starfall in eclipse, and it won't be as large if we use starfall with hurricane?

I guess starfall + astral is burst aoe, whereas solar + hurricane (with shrooms at the start) is for sustained?
astral storm is weaker, but having a weaker aoe is irrelevant because you can choose to get in the right eclipse for aoe. Having a weaker nuke (a noticeably weaker one mind you) is just rage inducing given the fact that single target DPS for us a spec revolves around using both sides of Eclipse. I'm actually curious as to how much a DPS increase solar eclipse is atm over no eclipse starfire spam.

We're essentially being handicapped twice here it feels like, but hey, these issues were raised in beta when they decided to implement the stupid design choice.
So... Ghost Iron Dragonling with Smooth Tinker's Gear x 3 = profit?

or mix with Quick Tinker's Gear and Sparkling Tinker's Gear ?

You can only have 1 of the cogs in an item. So you can't have x3. I mixed mine with haste, crit, and a bit of mastery so I could use it in any form. :P
How is blizzard fail?.

Fail in that not all classes require significant secondary stats to be competitive. Your theory on design is great, if all classes follow it; which doesn't seem to be the case.
I agree even before 90 my dps is significantly lower than other classes.

I'm a derp - ignore this.
Ok, so after beginning to level my Unholy DK by questing, I absolutely share the position that our aoe mechanics are bulls**t and need fixing.

Here's how attacking a mob of quest npcs that are level 87 went on my Boomkin at level 87 assuming CA was on cd, I just exited Lunar eclipse, and Starfall was on cd:
"Oh crap! I tried to pull 2, but 2 others aggro'ed! None of my cds are up either!"
Place 3 Mushrooms, Detonate, (4 mouse clicks), MF, SF, MF, SF, Starsurge proc, MF, SF, MF, SF, Barkskin, Nature's Swiftness, Healing Touch, Typhoon, Starfall, Healing Touch (? cast time), Starsurge, Starfire x2 (4 sec of cast time), one Target is dead, enter Solar eclipse, place 1-3 Mushrooms, Detonate, channel Hurricane (? cast time), SF x4, MF x4, Healing Touch x2, etc
Cast Wrath (1.6 sec cast time) whenever possible in there until they are all dead or I am dead. If I lived through it, I have 60% health left and have to heal myself back up before moving on to the next mob.

Here's how attacking a mob of quest npcs that are level 87 went on my Unholy DK at level 87 assuming no usage of cds whatsoever:
"Heck yeah! A group of 4 close together! I'll take them ALL on!"
Outbreak, Death Grip, Pestilence, Scourge Strike until one dies, Death Strike to full health, Festering Strike, Pestilence, instant aoe Blood Boil, ghoul is attacking everything too, throw in an Icebound Fortitude, more (instant) Death Coils, Scourge Strikes, Death Strikes, Blood Boil, until all dead with me at 90% health at the end. Immediately run to next pack, rinse, repeat.

We NEED something that spreads our dots, Blizz!! At the absolute bare minimum!!

Edit: Forgot to include Death Coil, which builds up stacks on the ghoul so he hits harder. Not including Dark Transformation though in the example list of spells since it's a bit of a cd.
We NEED something that spreads our dots, Blizz!! At the absolute bare minimum!!

Erm.. why? o_O our dots are limited by A: Mana (Basicaly unlimited) and B: gcd (Just like everyone else) Dk's dots are limited by their ruins. I mean it would be convenient to have it - but not necessary like Dk's imo.
We NEED something that spreads our dots, Blizz!! At the absolute bare minimum!!

Erm.. why? o_O our dots are limited by A: Mana (Basicaly unlimited) and B: gcd (Just like everyone else) Dk's dots are limited by their ruins. I mean it would be convenient to have it - but not necessary like Dk's imo.

Don't you see? I can cast 2 spells (Outbreak and Pestilence) or 3 spells if OB is on cd (Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Pestilence) and every npc around an Unholy DK has both diseases. Pestilence is on I think a 30 sec cd. Plus, if there is a Druid in party and they cast Symbiosis on the DK, the DK gets a shroom that infects npcs around it.

For a Boomkin to dot up every mob around it, you either have to burn a 3 minute cd and still have to dot things 1 at a time, or dot up everything with 2 clicks per npc. It takes a ridiculous amount of time.

Edit: spelling
10/01/2012 09:26 AMPosted by Nagoto
Dk's dots are limited by their ruins.

Forgot to address this part.

Outbreak doesn't require runes; it's simply a 1 minute cd. (That cd can be removed if you glyph for it btw, but it begins to cost 40 Runic Power if you do that, so not really worth it.)

Pestilence has no cd, it just requires 1 Blood rune, which isn't hard to get. (Note: Pestilence has a 10 yard range, or 15 if glyphed. Our Detonate has only an 8 yard range.)
I agree, leveling my mage right now and his dps/aoe is significantly higher than my boomkin was at any given point...

If we're going to be RNG on RNG for a lot of our dps (30% chance on a crit), we need some kinda boost to crit or something....

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