Boomkin DPS????

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Solar eclipse really makes me want to cry. I can burst for around 130k at the start of a fight, and then when I hit solar eclipse I go down to around 70k. Then once I'm in lunar eclipse, I can bring my dps back up, but slowly.

Is solar supposed to be this bad or is lunar just way good at the moment? ._.

Both. iirc, the numbers Cyous@Illidan did in beta was that Lunar was better than Solar by like 40ish% from a single target perspective. Difference between Solar and Lunar AoE is 20% at best. Considering single target DPS is what kills in this bosses game regardless of encounter mechanics (save really gimmicky fights), you do your own extrapolating and judge whether making Lunar single target and Solar AoE was a good design choice.

EDIT: for the record, this problem was foreseen the very moment GC announced their intention for the change, myself being one of the ones pointing the inherent flaws of such Eclipse mechanics.

We can only hope now that MoP has gone live, and that more Balance druids are playing the game and seeing the changes are able to voice their concern and realise just how poorly thought out the change was.
I really wish our aoe were something that was even remotely fun. We used to have one of the most hectic, break-neck paced aoe rotations in the game, and we were rewarded for executing it correctly by virtually unhampered mobility, and some pretty insane numbers. I don't see why Blizz relegated our mushrooms to basically exactly what they were pre 4.1, just without the 0.5 sec cast time torment.

We’re buffing Wild Mushroom. It’s a cool spell that isn’t getting enough play.

^ Direct quote from GC, from pre-4.1. I guess they're not chic anymore in Pandaria then, what with farming and all >.>

I honestly miss the days when they put the 'BOOM!' in boomkin, now they're just a that-spell-for-using-on-that-unsuspecting-mob-that-comes-creeping-around-the-corner-and-just-when-it-thinks-it's-got-me-I-detonate-and-take-out-like-1%-of-its-hp-and-slow-it-cuz-that'd-be-funny spell. Jokes aside, it does actually have a few uses apart from that, but the difference between using them and not in most cases is so pathetic it makes me want to dump it in the "Spells I don't use often" pile, where it can hang out with the likes of Teleport: Moonglade. For a spell that once constituted the heart and soul of our aoe rotation to end up the way it is is pretty damn ridiculous. It might not have been intended to be that way, but there's no denying that's exactly what it was, and the Devs sure as hell didn't see a need to change that. Now all we're left with for mass aoe situations is our lovely 1 button every 10 seconds spell, Hurricane.

Something along the lines of "Your Hurricane tick crits have a 10% chance to cause your next Wild Mushroom and Wild Mushroom: Detonate to be usable while channeling Hurricane, and to do 10% more damage. Stacks up to 5 times" is all we need to spice up our aoe somewhat to the level we'd been enjoying for 1.5 years. I don't see their argument for Hurricane always being intended to be used as our main aoe spell as a good enough justification for this sudden (and colossal) regress.
Trash is painful...Multi dotting does less damage than hurricane... I wish we could get a new mechanic of shrooms applying dots or helping cycling through eclipse while aoeing a little better. Maybe hurricane could proc something or help cycle through eclipse. I'm not sure but as it is we lose nature's grace and it's much too important to lose so easily. Hopefully people have ideas. I am not satisfied with it as designed. Astral communion is nice, but it shouldn't be a necessary way to cycle through eclipse unless there is down time. Feels clunky :(

This Exactly . Boomkin Dps IS bad and we shouldnt have to wait 2 more Tiers To catch up
I really hope they fix our clunky aoe, as of right now its not fun at all.
Yeah AOE sucks so anymore than 4 mobs I just hurricane (try for solar) and starfall when its up. 3 or less mobs I just dot up and go through my rotation.

As far as single rotation ...
- Get close to Lunar
- Open with starfall and a wrath to get into lunar for another starfall
- Pop Inc+NV (mirror images if i have it) until eclipse is over than I pop CA
- Resume normal rotation ...

With this I am always top dps in heroics and do anywhere from 50k and 70k on boss fights depending on movement. I need to reforge for raid tonight but I am happy with Boomkins so far. From all the runs I have done so far the tank is usually right below me and the rest are 20k to 30k .. mages seem to be the only other class I have seen doing similiar dps except for this crazy monk I ran with that was doing awesome. Of course my small sample size doesn't mean much though ... don't even play Boomkin ... last time was in early wrath.
heroic level gear: 3/4 of the pieces need to be reforged to hit.
tier 1 gear: 1/2 need to be reforged to hit
tier 2 gear: 1/4 need to be reforged.
tier 3 gear: none need to be reforged to hit, and possibly some can be reforged out of.

assuming theres spirit on the gear you'd reforge to hit, if not then reforge to spirit for added regen with the same hit chance.

for example on tier 14 boomkin set, only 2/5 peices have spirit on em.

im only 88, but if you see bad dps numbers ask yourself, do I have enough spell hit chance? used to be 14%+ the 3% from farie fire/shadowpreist buff.. not sure now in this xpac with all the changes though.

if the answer is yes, then blame it on the haste or whatever being too low... but if your not atleast within that last 1% from the cap, that will be your biggest dps increase is getting close enough to the hit cap.
Right now, caster cap is 15% for everyone except draeni, who get 1% from a racial.

Shadowpriests and faerie fire no longer get 3% from anything.

Spirit should never be reforged to hit, spirit is hit natively and out of combat regen.

My chart was just an idealized concept for how i think that gear should be setup for all classes in order to throttle dps as we head up.
heroic level gear: 3/4 of the pieces need to be reforged to hit.
tier 1 gear: 1/2 need to be reforged to hit
tier 2 gear: 1/4 need to be reforged.
tier 3 gear: none need to be reforged to hit, and possibly some can be reforged out of.

assuming theres spirit on the gear you'd reforge to hit, if not then reforge to spirit for added regen with the same hit chance.

Edit: Nevermind. I thought you were instructing people to reforge to Spirit instead of Hit, assuming that we didn't already know to do that.
Boomkin damage is really rough right now, our boomkin played feral for the first time ever last night and his dps went up by 10-12k after switching to kitty.

Obviously this isn't scientific at all and could have to do more with warming up to the encounter, but given my personal experience playing the spec, our two other druids' experiences, and recent sims I'd say boomkins need some tuning. Although I know that moonfire was buffed in a hotfix recently.
Just ran my first raid, we went 4/6 (Elegon is fun). I was actually pretty pleased with our dps, pulled 70k on stone guard while calling taunts etc (could've been ~75), 53k on feng while rejuving during epicenter and tranquility in p3, 60k on garajal while smashing adds in the spirit realm with CA, and 53k on kings. I was top dps every boss and helpful with the heals as well. As far as gear I was rocking 469ilv with the 5273 haste bp
Not so much buffs as they were trying to correct a series of misguided nerfs back in Beta.
ty godofdps, that haste cap was what I was looking for. Man is that hard to reach right now though. Wish I had known to get conquest gear last week. That chest piece is amazing to have for the haste cap.
Just wanted to add my experiences. I have been struggling with dps output while doing my rotation near flawlessly, keeping the right dot up at boosted form, stacking CA, incarnation, and natures vigil when possible for huge burst, throw in a mage mirror and watch the dps climb.

But for all of this work it doesnt seem to produce a good sustained dps. It fluctuates from pull to pull and ebbs and flows during fights. But the highs dont seem to reach as far as the lows and are not sustained enough. It has a feeling of great effort required for a rotation that doesnt have the dps advantage.

I seem to do crap damage against 3 mobs, I am better off single target dpsing, multi dotting and aoe just waste your time and dps. I have better dps with 4 mobs or higher using starfall and some shrooms at the start followed up with hurricane. Two mobs I do fairly well by dotting them both and using my rotation on both targets. The only use for symbiosis is the mage mirror ability. This is a good cd dps boost.

It just seems we dont pack the same punch anymore. Hell I seem to be doing the same dps I did in DS for the most part. And please dont start with learn to play bc I dont think that is the boomkin's problem right now.

I think the dots need a damage boost to bring back multidotting as the primary aoe dps because hurricane channeling is boring. A fix to starfall so that it wont hit unwanted targets, this keeps me from using it at times resulting in lower dps. Maybe a tweak to cast times or a slight increase in damage output from casted spells to give us a little bump or increase damage out put in eclipse phases a little. Other than those ideas I am not sure what else could be done to see an improvement, but I am hoping others can.

But all in all I feel less powerful in this expansion, and that is not a good first impression of this class. I went from top dps to struggling for mediocre with no majors changes to our basic rotation other than cd availability and usage. Just comforting, but unfortunate, to hear fellow boomies having the same experience as me.
ya starfall is hitting cced mobs atm, very annoying. But I'm gonna try that haste cap in our raid tonight to see how it does. I have high hopes. Our burst is already through the roof and I think the haste will help us keep more sustained dps. There's no doubt our aoe is crapola but if we want any hope we are gonna have to compile some kind of consensus from this thread and post something meaningful in the damage dealing forums. No blues are gonna look at this thread...
Didn't notice this threat before I QQ'd and started my own haha.

I have some suggested changes that might help to boost our DPS.

Our eclipses seem to be more like stances atm
Solar for AoE
Lunar for Single Target

They might as well just give us stances.
Actually I'm just going to roll feral...
10/04/2012 11:29 PMPosted by Morphgazum
Actually I'm just going to roll feral...


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