Ascendance Ele vs. Enh

I appreciate the feedback and those staying on topic. Very useful conversation.

From what I am gathering it appears as though people do think that Ascendance (enh) and (ele) are comparable.

Let me clarify my position upon the fact... i am mostly going to use ascendance in a PvP situation...

I am surprised to see that some people would not welcome an additional benefit from haste in the form of reducing the cool down of Lava Lash. With this addition it would be nearly a passive ability. There will be some who attempt to stack haste an elemental blast in order to possibly reduce the cool down of Lava Lash to 2s. We must remember that in order to stack haste a lot of mastery will dip. It is a correlating relationship between haste and mastery where if one is stacked the other tends to suffer. Having a balance while favoring one slightly is my approach.

Again since my focus is mainly PvP I want to bring light to the situation that regardless if damage is done as nature (magic) damage that there is plenty of situations where magic damage can be easily negated. Having an extra utilization of Lava Lash will help to quickly dps down so to say a heavy magical resistance barrier such as an anti-magic zone.

Lastly as I have said before... after activating all haste cool downs and activating Ascendance, i press stormstrike twice during the entire duration... wait for unleash ele to pop up so i can press that and then really just wait the rest of spell out. It is a great spell, but like I said before I do find the down time during Ascendance (enh) to be far to great therefore giving the feel of being stagnant. Compared to ele and even resto Ascendance where adrenaline is pumping!

There has been a long quest to adding relvancy to haste for enh. Laying the groundwork for that in a 3 min CD I would think we be an even playing ground both for the Shaman and those being bashed by the Shaman as well.

TL;DR... Add haste relevancy to Ascendance (enh) and we benefit as a whole.
Haste is already very important for enhancement. Depending on your talent choices, it's either the best or second best secondary stat.
09/28/2012 05:20 PMPosted by Geese
Yeah, Shamans scale very well at the begining of expansions until everyone catches up at level 90. Then like the previous expansions, we will struggle in mid range above the survivalist hunters.

Actually, this may be the first expansion where that isn't true. At least from an Enhancement perspective, the reason we've always been strong in early tiers and weak in late tiers is that we had very large stat bonuses from talents, but we've never scaled very well. For once, we're in just the opposite spot. Passive stats are gone, and we scale well. Things are looking good!

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