Zen flight + Fishing ==

Well I know what I'll be doing when I get the flying license...
Just because this is the only positive thread I could find about Zen Flight, I wanted to ask the monk community what other beneficial things that ZF offers. I know you can mount up on your flying mount while using it, which really comes in handy.

But what other odd things can you do? Share some stories about how awesome this is. I'm actually looking forward to it to be honest.
09/28/2012 06:18 PMPosted by Aight
But what other odd things can you do?


/cast Zen Flight

Wait, no i'm not.
It's too bad it only goes slower than a basic flyer. It needs to scale with riding, like Flight Form.
I love Zen Flight, I just really wish it scaled, I love the pose my character meditates in and it's just so much fun flying around but it sucks that it's not really efficient for getting from point A to B when the distance is considerable.
Oh god. That is a thing of beauty.
Allows you to hearth mid air and loot items without dismounting also if a mob hits you and dazes you it does not knock you off so pretty helpfull for pick up quests and running from higher levels instant cast then flying mount in air hearth if needed kinda fun people are so hard on it but I love using it while leveling
I would use it forever if it scaled with my mounts :(

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