Coren's Chromium Coaster vs Other Trinkets

I was just wondering how this years Coren's Cold Chromium Coaster stacked up against Heroic trinkets.

For example I'm currently torn between the coaster and Carbonic Carbuncle with that obviously having a large chunk of permanent scaling Strength as opposed to the coasters, albeit larger crit based proc and the fact that the coaster gives me a big amount of reforge wiggle room.

Anyone who could weigh in on the matter would be much appreciated
I'd say Carbonic Carbuncle for Arms, Coren's for Fury. But I haven't looked at Arms rotation for 5.0 + so I can't really speculate much.
The coaster is BiS for fury. It even beats the heroic raid trinket drops.

Not sure how high on the list it is for arms but it does give a sizable dps increase that's for sure and I'll be using mine for quite some time.
i have both for fury atm

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