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Hello, I am a 7/7HM 8/8HM player looking for a raiding home in MoP. I took a break at the end of cata after getting my 8/8HM just due to being bored with the game. I decided that come MoP I wanted to play my rogue as a main. I'm a co-operative friendly player and efficient player looking for a hard core raiding guild that raids no later than 12est. Leave real-ids and i'll get back to you.
Bump for MoP raiding
MoP raiding
Due to some of our raiders having multiple toons they are equally experienced at, we have a wide-variety of recruitment.

Name: Requiem
Server: Proudmoore [Alliance]
Raid Times:
- Tuesday 8-11PM PST
- Thursday 8-11PM PST
- Monday 8-11PM PST
Progression: 8/8H
Loot System: EPGP (DKP)
Roster: 12 players: We run a 12 man roster with 2 players sitting each week. There is a set schedule of who and when players sit - everyone sits the same amount and plays the same amount. You sit once every six weeks. We use 12 players to ensure that we will always have a raid. The two main reasons are: 1) Helps reduce burnout 2) If someone is absent/late/internet issues/etc, we will still have a raid.

We are currently preparing for MoP, filling in the last few spots before the expansion hits.

We are only recruiting core players. No one is a bench warmer on our team.

Please feel free to real ID me as I'd love to speak with you further about a possible core spot on our roster: Jleee323@yahoo.com
Greetings Ashalvin,

We currently are looking for a rogue for our 10 man team.

You may take a look at our recruitment thread here http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6522763391

If you have any question, contact me or Invalice for more information.

Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.

Our Raid schedule is TUE,WED,THU (7:00pm - 10:15pm est).

Our Motto is ---> "Heroic Progression, Purples, and Sleep"

We are here to create a raiding environment catering to the sleep schedules of real REAL EST jobs.

We also use a "9 hours a week model", further catering to real life beyond the game. WE used this model to successfully raid all heroic content in DS, and are looking to do the same for Panda-land.

-->Show for raid times, flasks provided, repairs provided, potions provided, food provided, be done for rest of evening and no commitments beyond that. Its a sweet deal, if your reliable enough to maintain your attendance.

We are very close to a closed roster. Looking for a HEALER, and a DPS to finalize the MOP RAID ROSTER

We get achieves, the special mounts, the titles, the nerd-points, for every raiding member on the roster. A nifty benefit for participating in a small roster guild. If you are reliable and want to have fun raiding, come join us!

If you are interested, you can contact Mouze, in game on the Executus server, (realid : Dirty30Mouze#1578) and start the process there.
25man guild aiming at top 200 world rankings in MoP.
Newly formed at the end of Cata from top 50 US players.

There's our guild info.
We're Horde on Blackrock
Get in contact with one us on Oxyra#1473 or AshenAngel#1491
We raid 6PM to 11PM PST Th/F/Sa, although I would like to see your main toons obviously.
We are an all adult guild with good raid progression. We could use a holy paladin on the 'evening raid team' that ends before your cut off time.

My recruit spam: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6631903906
If you have questions, want to learn more about us, contact us and apply at
our website: http://the-wolfpack.guildzilla.com

Sorry, i don't do realID - my BattleTag is Katzen#1366 (but contact through our site is preferred as I keep odd hours in game)
Looking for a rogue to our replace our current one due to time constraints. Server first guild from Korgoth now on Mal'ganis. 7-11 EST Tues Wed Thurs.



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