Are priests really that bad?

I love my priest, but I love pvp. I know priests have always had a niche in PR, and RPM, but I have never known a decent rogue or been in an RPM. Best I have done is mid 1800s with a Warrior in 2s, and a war/druid/priest in 3s about the same.

So priests could fill a niche spot, and do very well. But I always kind of envied some of the other heals that could actually carry dps a bit.

I took more than a year off, and came back about a month ago. I heard good things about priests. I have played this character since Vanilla. I have never jumped on the FOTM bandwagon.

But honestly, if priests are that bad, I don't want to waste my time.

Thinking to level a monk. Or maybe even another healing class.
At my level, we do fine.
If you want to dps and heal go Monk.
If you want to mostly heal but contribute a little damage, go Disc. I imagine that we won't get much use out of Smite in PVP due to interrupts, and only Holy Fire if glyphed.
Disc has the benefits of absorbs and not having to worry about melee vs ranged

As for our performance in PVP, it's hard to know how it'll work out in arena yet. I would wait if I were you and get a good feel for disc in arena before rolling Monk. There is also a small change that Holy will be arena viable.
09/26/2012 11:21 AMPosted by Kirse
Smite in PVP due to interrupts, and only Holy Fire if glyphed.

I don't think its that, we all did fine with smite in wotlk, I think it's more the fact that it does such poor damage that it isn't worth the time.
How the heck can you call priests bad in pvp? My shadow priest is borderline OP. I can sometimes even kill 2 -3 melee on me at once.
09/26/2012 07:11 PMPosted by Eponine
How the heck can you call priests bad in pvp?

there's more than one priest spec, and 2/3 of them are bad

Shadow is exceptional. The only thing is I find Shadow incredibly boring. Sit around waiting for a 3 stack shadow orbs, Devouring Plague (if you don't use the orbs for Psychic Horror, so assume that is on cooldown) pop Mindbender, PI and trinket then smash them for 2/3 of their HP in six seconds or less.

Yeah that's fun, like hit-the-cervix fun. So pretty not fun.

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