Into the Darkness (OOC 2. Sign Ups)

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I'm not going to post something because for the first time in a long time my dad is letting me play wow today xD


09/30/2012 08:03 AMPosted by Laviette
You should feel ashamed of yourself Sam! xP

*hangs head in shame*

*Taps foot* Bah hurry.
If lav or lia havent posted by tomorrow afternoon, the thread will continue on with out them.
Errg still hasn't updated my character but i finlly got hm to level 70 IM SO HAPPY! xD
Quick post. Back to work. •
Good post i'm just waiting for everyone else to post

@lavi and corebutt, cmon peeps :P
ok Jer wut are we facing, is it a faceless one or somethin else?
What you are facing is a molen giant. Thank your for your patience people the thread will be moving quicker now. Lia and lav you are more then welcome to come back to the thread but as of niow we are not going to wait for you anymore.
That sounds like some sorta fire elemental or demon to me o_O. My bets are on a demon.

Edit: Damn, I was wrong xD. What exactly is a molten giant? Kinda like those sea giants just... spewing lava and hatred upon the world?
Its a super fire elemental. In Tides of War Garrosh used two of them to destroy Northwatch. (While assaulting it)

Basically summoning them makes the earth elementals pissed at you and has a chance to cause a second cataclysm with the earth as it is currently.
... well then. That wasn't a very good idea.

Sammy! I blame you for taking out those spell casters! D:<

Edit after wowpedia search: Oh ya! those thing! Oh crap! >.<
D: I sowwy Lavi

*rubs head against Lavi's leg*

forgive meow

*kitteh eyes*
This thread needs more Sha.
10/01/2012 06:43 PMPosted by Lynara
This thread needs more Sha.


And on topic i will post soon

Edit: wooohhooooo im level 70... SO HAPPY XD
Hmmm *Takes out calculator* Molten rock aka lava monster + Kitty = dead kitty
10/01/2012 07:43 PMPosted by Lynara
Hmmm *Takes out calculator* Molten rock aka lava monster + Kitty = dead kitty


And posted waitin for people to post now

@Lyn lyn, hope you don't mind that I took Lynara out of the fight to rest.
xD. You know Sammy, every time your demon laughs "hehehe" I always picture a girly giggle o_O.
Y'know "Hee hee hee! *places fingers on lips with a cute girly pose*" Like that xP.
Even though I know (at least I hope) it's supposed to be more like "Heh heh heh. *malicious evil look while I twiddle my fingers together*" Like that. :P

Just thought I'd say it xD. 'Cause it gives me a little chuckle every time I read it xP. I'm like "Awe, little demon so kewt <3"

Edit: Also... now this is just my opinion... but I never really pictured the tauren as a "bite a chunk of flesh out of your arm" type. Troll maybe, but never tauren. Unless Coris is really dirty and really slow. Like a sloth. So he let grass and moss grow on him.
Heh heh heh >:) Cow jokes.
You don't know cows then lavi>.>

Swear to god no joke at my granparents and we are next to a pasture of cows. I go to pet one and it snaps at me with its teeth trying to bite my fingers... so

If you wan't a troll thats fine jsut added in a "personal memory" point in xD

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