Sept 25 Hotfixes

Wild Strike damage has been increased by 18%.
Execute damage has been decreased by 7%.
Mortal Strike damage has been increased by 5%.

They're still trying to get those weapon modifiers down I guess. Taking some off execute and giving it back to MS/WS seems like the right call.
Well at least that puts WS above glyphed WW for single target rotations now.
Gotta love it when blizzard just blanket nerf things without calculating the implications on rotation/glyphs, at least they were fairly fast to fix it.
From MMO Champion, "May I ask the reasons for the warrior nerfs? Just curious... Would like to understand the developers views on this.
Damage was too high at 90. Players were able to improve a little more on the rotation and gear than we anticipated. We don't like the risk of WW going into single-target rotation though, so we might tweak numbers some more."

Seems more nerfs will be on the way. Brace for impact!
Yay we got a mild unnerfing, don't know where that puts our damage now with execute being lowered and WS/MS being raised I don't think it has changed our damage much from before. Or has it? Mortal Strike numbers are fun to look at down 20%, up 10%, down 20%, up 5%. They really don't want to give us buffs, they keep getting smaller, but are fine with big nerfs.
09/26/2012 07:45 AMPosted by Patpigmack
Seems more nerfs will be on the way. Brace for impact!

My body is ready!
Even more nerfs? From reading their comments, it seems they already did what they were hoping to do with preventing WW from entering a single target rotation. WS I always felt hit way too softly relative to everything else anyways, this may be a good change.

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