The Seal is Broken

Anyone else fall off the mountain? I was walking towards the dragon to have him fly me down to the action, when I lagged. When the game checked, I had fallen off the edge.

I've checked other forums like wowhead, and apparently this was an issue in the BETA too. Anyone else do this and find a way to get back without a warlock? I've tried abandoning and heading back to where I originally flew from to no avail.

Just kind of stinks because I'm almost done with the zone.

That's the last quest I had in the zone. I wasn't paying attention and jumped off the ledge and went to kill fissures and realized that I was supposed to stay up top. Now I can't get up either. Ended up dropping the quest to see if I could accept it again but I have no quests in that zone anymore and pretty sure the pre-quest was on top.

This has been an issue since beta I've come to find. Check out this post and see if it helps. I'd do it but I'm at work.
Just FYI, the link above does work. Did it last night and you can spirit res on top and do the quest.
So i was in the quest chain on top of the pillar/mountain but needed to finish some leveling of my professions for a favor and ported to Org. Well the phase is off and the i can't find the quest giver and this is a big waste of time. please give us the flight path to the top when we arrive there. I didn't see green ! when i was there or i would have hit it. The work around of dying at bottom also doesn't work because the alliance can't see me. Stupid broken phasing.

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