Mage LF Hardcore Raiding Guild

Raiding History:
-Call of Dusk (Area-52)
-LK 15% Nerf
-Didn't Raid Firelands but I did Kill overly nerfed heroic rag a few times.
-DS Went 5/8HM Pre nerf(quit due to being bored) came back and got my Savior.

Coming back to the game to do what I do best which is progression. I excel at theory crafting to insure maximum DPS output. I'm looking for a guild who exceeds at killing content at a good pace. If your interested in having me tag along for good progression hit me up. Add me battle tag and we can talk. XBiGRiG#1649
We arn't hardcore but we are in need of another mage (we only have 1):

If you are up for a transfer:

Quick facts:

25 man raid on Mannoroth
Tues/wed 8:20 to 11:20 EST PM.
semi-casual but expected to bring A game
Most peeps are 30+ with a few young 20's and old farts in their 50's
RBG group being build end of Oct, first week of NoV.

Please peruse, if you are interested in joining our team sign up for the forums and leave an application.

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