Attn: 50,000G Bounty on "Brumble"

Hey all,

After sleeping on it, 1000G per kill just isn't very enticing. I'm upping the bounty to 50,000G for the first kill. Any subsequent kills are void.

Original post:
I'm placing a bounty on a Dwarf Rogue named "Brumble" at 1000G per kill. If you happen to run into him during your travels this could make for some easy pocket change. To confirm a kill mail me in game with a link to screenshot of the kill (preferably uploaded to imgur) and your expanded combat log and/or Recount/Skada with enough details to prove you were the one to kill him.

Here's his armory:

This bounty is in effect until he reaches level 90.

Happy hunting!
Life just isn't tough enough here on Mal'Ganis.
1000G was weak, changed the bounty, bump!
But that dwarf doesn't have a magnificent beard.
No wonder the panda mount vendor is never there. Someone please stop him before more people spam trade chat about where the panda mount vendor is!
Is this the same brumble from nightfall?
Well, I made it, 90 and no world PvP deaths. Thanks guys, it was a blast sneaking around and living life as a rogue to the fullest!

I even made a few friends...
One more!

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