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I've googled my little heart out. I've done heaps of quests - no not all - and I just really want to get to Serpent's Overlook, for the FP. Everything I find references a quest called "Last Piece of the Puzzle", however, nothing I can find tells me where to pick this quest up from, or what the prerequisites to even pick up the quest are. I've read about Loremaster Cho, whom I've found to the North of Dawn's Blossom, but also read that this quest is obtained at 59, 81 for Alliance, which places it in Pearlfin Village. I can find no such quest there.

Please, can someone help me so I can lay this OCD of mine to rest, without having to do every quest in the zone (My OCD isn't that bad).
Here, I just figured this out. See my posting on the thread below.
Just finish up the first land. You get there towards the very end. Literally. If the Admiral hasn't called you back to with the fish people who have night elf animations....then you didn't miss it.
Thank you, I wish I didn't run around the mountain ten times before i looked it up :)
yeah, I ran around it about 4 or 5 times before I just had a level 90 friend fly me to the top.
Do the quests. You'll get sent there eventually.

Edit: And by 'sent' I meant you'll be flown there. Just remember to grab the FP will there.
There is a quest in which Mishi the dragon will take you there.
Jumping off the side works, till you die. to the right side of the pagoda is a small hill with a tree. you have to find your way onto it and be at low enough health to die from the fall. I used the river to drown a bit. Then you get the res sickness to stay at the grave yard

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