Omg i am Quiting!

This Waiting Que is just to long for my Active life style man i can't stand it anymore!!!! i'm done with this life man..
Can i have your spot in Dara?
Awe why did i hurt you?
Just fap while you wait. That's what I do.
It is kind of annoying the options for free migrations are to dead end next to unpopulated realms. But seriously this is the first time in months that i know of a queue for logging in, cant just chill out for a bit?
I'm obviously not trolling guiz, like omygawd
Why not just like, NEVER LOG OUT?

Works for me.

Dude i'm doing that forever now. I'll let those poor white European descent's that live in America suffer!!!!

@Zigen I honestly have no clue who you are, so Lmao don't post on my Posts saying you don't know who i am. My name is in the left hand corner of the post. GG

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