Omg i am Quiting!

i know you as zigen and im a cata derp derp

love woggle

09/27/2012 04:46 PMPosted by Zigen
hi woggle. you aren't retarded, though.

Well I'm both retarded and a cata baby when it comes to darkspear and i know you as Zigen so explain that? Checkmate, atheists.
Play off times its so easy to grind, being Australian i find barely anyone is on at 3am EST time. That way you can get your gank on as they alliance are more singular and not a huge mob waiting to fk your life up lol
09/28/2012 07:11 PMPosted by Cowmastr
cow you remind me alot of myself when i first started to play wow. misguided and completely retarded.

You remind me of when I turned 6.
misguided and completely retarded.


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