Warrior,Rogue or Warlock what do i main pvp?

I have the 3 classes i mention in the title at 85 and my rogue is 86 but I am having a hard time deciding who would be the best for pvp at 90 especially in arenas. My friends tell me rogues are hella bad in arena and theyre only good in 2s but idk what to think so please help! from what i see Warriors are broken and very OP but idk i like my rogue but I don't want to struggle getting a high rating if my class is bad at arena
Rogues always suck at the begining. level something else and come back to your rogue later int he expansion.
Warlocks always have tons of goodies and free love from Blizzard, so that's gonna be your best bet.

Happy Facerolling.

You're !@#$ing kidding me...
09/27/2012 11:05 AMPosted by Ellywicket
Warriors always get nerfed into the ground. Don't even bother trying to climb with it.

If by always, you mean they have a decent track record since BC, then sure.
The last 2 seasons haven't gone so well, but that's about it. Who knows about now.

09/27/2012 09:59 PMPosted by Sarach
You're !@#$ing kidding me...

Warlocks have basically never had a bad season.
Pretty much what stalked said.
warlocks are always viable every season. you can never go wrong playing warlock, you will always be competitive.

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