Is this ok to play at low/medium settings?

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i3 2370 2,40GHz
Mobile Intel® HM77 Express Chipset
6 Gb Ram DDR3
500 Gb HD
Intel HD Graphics 3000
Low settings, and don't expect to raid on that PC.
what about pvp?
Arenas should be OK. BGs where it's 10v10 or 15v15 should be OK.
New BGs of MoP / AV will be just barely playable.
Just play around with the settings and see what you're comfortable with in different areas. Maybe adjust to lower for large BGs and 25 person raids.

The important thing for laptops is to make sure they stay cool so take a break every once in a while because it'll use more resources and get hotter the longer you're playing and that will also drop your frame rates.

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