Prot-Fury Warrior LF Weekend Raiding Guild.

Hello, I recently transferred here at the start of the expansion and I am seeking out a guild who has a weekend raiding schedule that is in need of a Tank/dps. I am comfortable doing either roles or both. I first started raiding in TBC on my hunter, whom I raided on through the last three expansions. I have cleared most relevant content on my Hunter and Bear. But I am looking for a place to call home for this character. Past achievements include Tier 12 7/7HM and Glory of the firelands Raider, 8/8HM and Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider. When it comes to a raiding guild that fits my schedule I am dedicated to knowing what I need to do before having to be told and performing at a level that will most benefit the raid. I am not one to shy away from trying something new or performing a role that might not garner me "top dps". Anyways I am a confident and competent raider and would love to find a group of like minded players to roll through Mists with. Hit me up in game or here if you have any further inquiry. Cheers!

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