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Pet Battles
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Basic information on the Pet Battle system

-Basic Questions and Getting Started

-Maintaining Your Collection

-Pet Rarity and Family

-Pet Battles

-Wild Pets

-Quests, Pet Leveling, and Pet XP


-Multiple WoW Accounts

-Pet Battle Stones

Places around the web that are full of helpful information

Key-bind your way to pet battle awesomeness!

Because sometimes the Blizzard UI just isn't enough

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Blizzard for adding Pet Battles

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Basic Questions and Getting Started

What is this guide? Will it teach me how to battle and capture pets?
No – the intent of this guide isn't a how-to or strategy guide. My intent is to build an index of all the great information that available on pet battling that is currently scattered across sites and posts and condense it to one location. I'm hoping to keep this fairly up-to-date as best I can.

If you spot that I've got some information incorrect, some information is missing, or you have some information/link/macro/addon you'd like to share, please let me know in the comments and I will update.

What are pet battles?
Pet battles are one of the features Blizzard introduced with the Mists of Pandaria expansion for WoW. Currently, they're mini-games within the game, intended as an alternative action or for when there's down-time in the game. As there are really no rewards outside of pet-battle rewards (more pets, achievements, titles, pet battle supplies), they are not an alternative to gearing up your character.

Interview with Cory Stockton (Mumper) about Pet Battles:

How do I get started with pet battles?
You need to have a character that is level 5 and have 10 gold. You also need to have a full account - pet battles will not work on starter/free to play accounts. If you meet the requirements, head to a Pet Battle trainer to learn.
(link to locations:

Once you've learned the skill, a couple of things will happen. You'll get a series of basic quests from the trainer which will teach you the basics of pet battling and you'll notice little green paws on your mini-map. Those paws represent pets you can battle with. You can select to track pet battles with the same mini-map button you use to track everything in game.

Ten gold is too much for new characters!
It's supposed to be. Blizzard added the pet battle system as a mini-game for experienced players. New players should be focused on learning to play the game. However, with the recent hotfix reducing training from 100g to 10g, this should be available much sooner for new players.
Mumper quote:
For one thing, the 100g training cost is going to make it difficult for a new player to get caught up in Pet Battles super-early, and that’s by design, because everyone should learn how to play World of Warcraft first. Having said that, a new alt that can get 100g from another character can start the Pet Battle system at level 5.

Are there any limits to pet collecting?
Right now, the total pet cap is 1000. However, if you came into MoP with more than the cap, your extra pets are still there – you just can't catch additional pets. Once you dip below the cap, you can catch new pets.

In Legion, completing a series of World Quests will reward players with an item, the Pocket Pet Portal (, that raises their pet cap to 1500. The Pocket Pet Portal is rewarded from completing the "Battle on the Broken Isles" achievement, which requires completing 30 World Pet Battle quests.

In addition, you can only have up to 3 of each unique type of pet. Again, if you came into MoP with more than 3, those pets are still there. Until you release/cage the extras, you are unable to add more of those unique type of pets. For example, I started MoP with 9 Cornish Rex cats. Until I caged my extras, I was unable to learn/add additional ones.

However, some pets are unique no matter how many you had across your alts. Pretty much any Bind to Account pet (such as the Wind Rider Cub or the 4th anniversary Baby Blizzard Bear) and achievement pets (such as Nuts) will only exist as a single copy in your pet journal.
Maintaining Your Collection
How do I obtain battle pets?
You may already have a pet collection and have all you need to get started. However, if you're brand new and are starting with nothing, you have several options. The Pet Trainer who taught you how to battle will also sell you a pet based on your starting race. You can visit any of the pet vendors in game to purchase additional pets (opposite faction pets will either require you to visit the AH or roll an alt to purchase). Some pets are awarded from quests, some pets are drops, some pets are awarded from achievements, some pets are obtained from special events, some are for sale in the Blizzard store, and some are obtained from the trading card game.

A lot of battle pets are obtained via battling and capturing wild pets (this is covered further on in the FAQs).

Many battle pets are able to be sold on the AH. However, any pets that are captured in the wild are NOT able to be caged/sold. Currently, Blizzard has disabled the selling of captured pets (this is discussed further on in the FAQs). IMPORTANT: If you buy a pre-leveled pet off the AH, you won't be able to add it to your collection unless you already have a pet of that level!

Warcraftpets is the definitive site for where to obtain pets. (link:

WoWPedia has a fantastic listing of all the pets in game as well.

It is important to note that not all pets are able to do battle. The balloon pets (Alliance, Horde, Darkmoon Faire), most kite pets (Dragon kite with 5.1 is now able to fight), the Guild Page and Herald, and the Argent Squire/Gruntling are ineligible for pet battles. These guys are just for looking pretty while following you around.

What do you mean, “caging” pets?
Currently, some pets are able to be put into a cage. Wild battle pets are currently unable to be caged. In addition, BoA pets (such as the Blizzard store pets), pets from achievements (such as Nuts), pets that grant achievements (such as the Spirit of Competition), and pets from some quests (such as the Singing Sunflower and Northrend Children’s Week orphans) are also unable to be caged. Vendor pets (such as the Cornish Rex cat), dropped pets (such as the Emerald Whelpling), and some quest pets (such as the Azeroth and Outland Children’s Week rewards) are able to be caged.

The best way to be tell for sure if your pet can be caged is to right-click on it in the Pet Journal. If it can be caged, you’ll see that as an option. Once a pet is caged, it becomes an item in your inventory that you can trade or sell as normal.

What if I want to get rid of a pet that can’t be caged?
Your only option is to “release” the pets. This is also available by right-clicking on a pet in your Pet Journal. There is no animation of the pet running free – they merely disappear from your listed pets. Those more tender-hearted may find it hard to release some pets (Northrend orphans have nowhere else to go!)

When I right-click, I also get the option to rename. What is that?
After years of asking, pet collectors have finally gotten the right to rename their pets. It does exactly what you think it does – you can rename your Cornish Rex to Fluffy if you so desire.

Pet naming follows pretty much the same set of rules as naming your character: nothing obscene/offensive, no titles (such as Mr), and no linkers (such as The). You can put multiple capital letters and spaces into a pet name, so you’ve got that going for you, which is nice.
Pet Rarity and Family
What does the color around the pet's portrait mean?
Like gear, battle pets have a quality associated with them. Currently, there's poor (grey), common (white), uncommon (green), and rare (blue) pets. There are no epic or legendary pets available to PLAYERS, but some NPC Tamers use Epic pets and the Grand Master Tamers have Legendary pets. In addition, there are legendary pets to battle through-out Pandaria and Draenor.

Pet quality affects the total stat values a battle pet has. Poor quality pets will have lower stats than common quality pets of the same level, and so on. For fighting, it's recommended to use high quality pets over lower quality pets.

Shalura from Anvilmar has made a fantastic compilation of pre-existing pet qualities as well. (link: )

There's a gold ring around my pets'/opponent pets' portrait. What does that mean?
The gold color indicates which pet gets to go first.

What does my pet's family mean?
If you're familiar with Pokemon (or Rock-Paper-Scissors), you'll understand about pet types/families. WoW pet battles have a type associated with them (for example, critter). This determines what other attack types they are strong against (critters are strong against undead type attacks) and weak against (critters are weak against beast type attacks), in addition to having a special ability associated with the type (critter types break out of crowd control more quickly). While a battle pet will have a base type, they can also have other type's moves (for example, a rabbit, which is a critter type, learns burrow, a beast move, at level 4).

Wowpedia has a very nice chart showing what battle pet types are strong and weak against. (link:

That chart's all nice and all, but I find it unwieldy to have to tab-out to remember what types are best against what types.
You're in luck! Elderbrand of Anvilmar has put together a nice mnemonic about pet families:
Humanoids- die and become Undead
Undead are under ground and eaten by bugs and worms
Critters then feed the Beasts of the forrest
Beasts are frightend by the Machines
Machines are rusted from exposure to the elements
Elementals (mostly Fire) are extinguished by Water
Aquadic pets are lorded over by the Sky Pets
If you are flying you are going to get shot down by Magic Missles
Magic comes from and is OF the Dragons of legend
Most Dragons of Legend are killed by Humanoids
Those Humanoids eventually die and become Undead

Wait – now I’m confused. Pet learn moves other than their family moves?
Yes they can. Many pets learn moves outside their family type. As for example, a Rabbit will learn Burrow, a Beast-type move, at level 4. This move is still effective against Critter battle pets, despite the Rabbit being a Critter itself.
(WOWPedia link:

Why do two pets that are the same rarity and species sometimes have different stats?
In addition to quality and family, pets can also have "breeds", which affect how their stats are distributed.
Simca from Malfurion:
The short answer is that each pet species has multiple different possible “breed”. Some pets may be based around Speed and others around Power or HP, or they may be perfectly balanced or anywhere in between (slight increase to one stat, slight decrease to another).

Breed Definitions:
4/14 → P/P = 0/ 20/ 0
5/15 → S/S = 0/ 0/ 20
6/16 → H/H = 20/ 0/ 0
7/17 → H/P = 9/ 9/ 0
8/18 → P/S = 0/ 9/ 9
9/19 → H/S = 9/ 0/ 9
10/20 → P/B = 4/ 9/ 4
11/21 → S/B = 4/ 4/ 9
12/22 → H/B = 9/ 4/ 4
3/13 → B/B = 5/ 5/ 5
Pet Battles
What types of pet battles are there?
Like much of the game, Pet Battles have a PvE and a PvP component.

PvE battles are those battles with wild pets or with the NPC Pet Tamers. This is the way if you want to collect pets and level them up.
(WoWPedia link:
(WoWHead link:

PvP battles are battles with other players. On your Pet Battle tab, there's a button to find a random pet battle. Unlike PvP'ing in other parts of the game, you will not know who you are battling against. Character names are not displayed. Also, losses are not tracked, only wins. Your pet will gain XP from doing random PvP battles. However, dueling will not yield XP.

Tgwaste from Korialstrasz wrote a macro for finding PvP Pet Battles without opening your pet journal (find it in the macros section of this thread).

Where should I go to find pet battles?
Pretty much anywhere in the world. If you're just starting out, you'll want to level your pets along a similar zone path as a character. Lower level battle pets are found in lower level zones and progress slightly slower than character levels. For example, Elwyn Forest and Stormwind have level 1-2 pets while Westfall has level 2-4 pets. You'll want to start in a zone that has pets appropriate to your pets' levels.

Quintessence (Senior Content Manager at has compiled a listing of pet levels by zone. Useful for plotting out your pet-leveling plan. (link:

Wrelch from Wyrmrest Accord also put together a nice forum thread with this information:

Warcraftpets put together a visual map with several search functions as well

Why are all of the pets I find Beasts and Critters in this zone?
Battle pets tend to follow the flavor of the zone. In a forested zone, you’ll find forest pets. Near water, aquatic pets. Places with undead will have undead pets.

Oh no! My battle pet didn't last through the battle/has been wounded. What do I do?
You have several options to heal/revive your battle pets. One is to use your revive pet ability, which has a 8 minute cooldown. You can visit a stable master (able to be tracked via the mini-map) to heal/revive your pets (no CD). Lastly, you can use a Pet Bandage (obtained from Pet Supply bags from battling Pet Tamers, with Celestial Coins obtained from the Celestial Tournament on the Timeless Isle, or with Pet Charms from the Garrison Menagerie) to heal/revive your pets.

One suggestion has been to park an alt near a stable master and log onto that character when you need to heal/revive, instead of coming in from the wilds. However, be aware that logging into a character places a short CD ( ~ 3 min) on interacting with a stablemaster (they ask for your to wait a few minutes) and your revive pets ability.
What the heck? The pet I'm fighting attacked me multiple times in the same turn – I call shenanagins!
Rescind from Lightning's Blade:
There are several occasions where a pet gets to seemingly execute more than one move in one round.
*A pet executes a multiple-hit attack
*A pet executes a normal attack, and a second attack from another turn (like a debuff) procs at the end of the round
*The speed of a pet changes, so it attacked second in one round, and then first in the next, making it look like it attacked twice
*You swap pets, giving your opponent a free shot at you. Their speed may be higher, allowing them to go first in the next round, effectively giving them back-to-back hits.

I was battling a wild pet and all of a sudden I was ganked by another player. What gives?
If you play on a PvP server (or are PvP flagged), you're still vulnerable to attacks from other players. Blizzard did not want the pet battle system to be a cop-out for those who choose to live dangerously. However, should you survive your PvP encounter, the pet you were battling will still be there, ready to continue your skirmish (provided no AoE was used in the fight, as it's possible to kill the battle pet).

Mumper quote:
The fact that players are vulnerable to PvP attacks while in a pet battle is intentional. However, a couple features that go along with this are not implemented yet.
First off, the exact pet you were fighting when you were broke out of pet battle will be respawned. Same quality, stats and skin color. Second, you will get a 3s damage shield that absorbs 50% of incoming damage to help negate the fact that you need time to recover after exiting the pet battle interface. Both of these will be in for the next build.
We feel its very important to keep the PvP aspect of the game intact and if you choose to play on a PvP server, you will certainly be fighting for those rare spawns. (This rule effects PVE servers as well but only in contested areas.)
Wild Pets
How do I capture a wild pet?
You should have a trap icon on your pet battle bar. Once a wild pet gets below 35% health, this icon will light up and you can attempt to capture the pet. Your chances of capture increase the lower the health of the wild pet. This becomes a delicate dance of you trying not to kill the pet while keeping your own pets alive. Having the Terrible Turnip or Molten Corgi as one of your capture pets makes this a little easier, as these pets have an ability that will never kill.

You can progress towards better traps by raising battle pets to level 25. The Pristine Trap is the best trap in game and is earned by completing the "Pro Pet Crew" achievement. The Draenic Trap, which only works in Draenor, is obtained by leveling your Garrison Pet Menagerie to level 2.

Special note: occasionally in the wild, you'll see that an additional pet(s) has joined the battle.
If you're looking to capture more pets, pay attention to the quality of both pets you're fighting (the additional pets' portrait will display smaller next to the pet you're currently fighting). You can only use a trap once per fight. Don't waste a trap on a lower-quality pet if there's a rare pet waiting in to battle (I learned that the hard way).

I've heard some pets only spawn in certain conditions. How do I know what pets and what the conditions are?
The Pet Journal has this information in it - if you know what pet you are looking for (for example, the Baby Ape). At this point, the "rare spawn/scarce" pets require a single condition - time of day (late night, daytime, morning), weather (raining, sandstorm, snowing), or season (winter, summer).

Quintessence from Warcraftpets has started a discussion thread on the Warcraftpets forum listing some of this information.

Are there any special pets I should keep my eyes open for in each zone?
Yes. Most zones tend to have one special, zone-unique pet. Twixi from Garrosh put together a listing of each zone's special pet(s) and their level, to help with your need to catch them all.

Is there an advantage to raising a pet vs. catching a higher level pet?
Not in relation to the stats. Unlike Pokemon, caught and raised pets of the same unique type, quality, and breed (for example, two uncommon squirrels of breed 5) will have their stats raised in the exact same manner. The only thing affected would be the "Raise X Pets to Level Y" achievements, if the pet caught is higher level than the achievement (catching a level 11 pet doesn't count for raising pets to level 10).

More discussion of the Breeds can be found in the Theorycrafting section.

Is there a difference in pets based on color? Such as Rabbits... So far I have a brown Rabbit and a white Rabbit, both of poor rarity. Do they count as unique individuals, or is the color just cosmetic and I can release one?
Pet's coats (to avoid confusion with rarity color) are purely cosmetic. Their unique type (for example, Elfin Rabbit vs Snowshoe Rabbit vs Rabbit) is what counts towards number of pets caught. If you'd like to release your white Rabbit and just keep your brown Rabbit, feel free.

I'm an avid collector. In addition to catching them all, I'd like to collect different coats/skins. Is there a way to know what skins/coats are available to what models?
While currently there is not an option in game to see what coats/skins are available for pets in-game, Warcraftpets can display the various skins/coats for pets.

Rescind from Lightning's Blade answers this succinctly:
It would be nice if such a feature existed in the game. In the meantime though, you can go to Breanni's WarcraftPets site and look up the pet and see its various skins. To use your rabbit example:
Go down and see the 'similar models' section, and you can see 13 different skins for Rabbits.
Hope that helped!
I just caught a wild pet. Why did it lose a level?
Blizzard has set-up the system so that wild pets of a certain level will always lose some levels upon being caught.

Catching any pet level 15 or under retains its current level.
Catching a level 16-20 pet will lose 1 level.
Catching a level 21-25 pet will lose 2 levels.

Why can't I trade/sell captured wild pets?
Because Blizzard said no. There was a point in beta where this was allowed, but problems arose (including people buying level 25 pets and steamrolling through the Tamer quests). Please note - you can still trade/sell leveled cage-able pets on the AH.
Mumper quote:
We just finished a pass making all pets that are caught via pet battles in the world non-tradeable. This means these pets cannot be put in cages for trading or posting on the AH. We felt that the option to buy these pets on the AH would take away from the exploration/collection gameplay of the system.
This could always change in a future patch, but this is how it will go out with MoP. You should see the change in our next build.
Quests, Pet Leveling, and Pet XP
How do the Pet Battle Quests work since they're account-wide?
All the quests to battle the various Pet Tamers can only be done once per account. This means that if you start a quest on one character and switch to another, you *should* be able to continue without issue, unless it's faction-specific trainers. However, this appears to be occasionally bugged for some people.

In fact, in order to get the meta achievements, you will need to do pet battles on alts of both factions. While capturing pets in every zone is do-able (if tricky) with a single faction, you will be unable to battle some of the Pet Tamers (link to list of Pet Tamers:

Aieny from Medivh:
Quests are account-wide, so they are shared by alts across realms and game accounts, just like the pets. So, if you are on the Horde questline, then start working on your Alliance character and complete the quest, you will receive credit for the quest...and be directed to turn in to the Horde questgiver. For obvious reasons, you cannot receive or turn in quests of the opposite faction, but you can complete them. You can also only be on a single questline at a time. So, if you started the Horde Kalimdor questline, you have to finish that before starting the Alliance Kalimdor, Alliance Eastern Kingdoms, or the Horde Eastern Kingdoms questline.

How does pet XP work? What about my pets in a party?
Pets gain XP by fighting other pets (either in PvE battles vs. wild/tamer pets or in PvP battles against other PC's pets). XP is needed to advance your pet's levels, much like your characters need XP to level. Pets do not gain a rested XP bonus.

Level 25 pets, and pets that are 5+ levels above the enemy pet, receive no experience for that battle, although they do count when experience is split (as long as they are alive at the end of the battle). A "difficulty bonus" is given to pets that survive a battle under certain conditions. First, if a pet is 2+ levels below the level of the enemy pet, they generally receive the difficulty bonus. Also, if a pet at or below the level of the enemy pets manages to solo a multi-pet team, or 2 pets of equal or lower level take on a 3-pet team, they will receive a difficulty bonus.

As of a hotfix to patch 5.1, level 25 pets no longer soak XP. Feel free to level lowbies with your 25s to your heart's content!

What’s the highest level my pets can reach?
Currently, 25 is the max level a battle pet can reach.

My pet has reached level 10. How do I change what skills it can use in battle?
In the pet journal, add the pet whose moves you want to change to your team (if they aren't already on your current team). On their top abilities buttons you should see a little yellow downward pointing triangle. Click on that to select a different move.

Any tips for leveling pets quickly?
Aside from following the pet tamer questline and battling wild pets, there are a few tricks.

One Pokemon standard is to start the fight with a low-level pet you wish to powerlevel against higher level pets. That pet must perform an action in order to credit – merely having it out does not count. After your low-level pet has done its duty, switch it out for a higher level pet and proceed to knock out the wild pet(s). Alternately, swap in your low-level pet and then immediately swap it out (obviously, need to time this just right in pet battles!).

There are a few items in-game that will increase XP gain of battle pets. The Safari Hat, obtained by completing the achievement "Taming the World", will increase XP gain of pets by 10%.
Pet Treats will increase the XP gain by 50% for 1 hour and Lesser Pet Treats increase the XP gain by 25% for 1 hour. All the pet XP boosts stack. Pet Treats can drop from Tamer Bags or be purchased with either Celestial Coins at the Timeless Isle or with Pet Charms.

Additionally, periodically there will be "Bonus Pet XP" weeks in WoW, where all pets' XP gains are doubled. This is a fantastic time to level pets. Again, all the XP boosts stack.

Finally, there are stones that increase levels (covered a little further down in this guide).
Okay, enough with all this. I want some hard numbers to crunch to mathematically determine which pet is the best! Don’t tell me to pick the “pretty ones”
Sorry, I personally can’t help you there (I happen to like pets that make cute noises when you click on them). Luckily, there’s the start of a theorycrafting thread right in this very forum:
(this may be the best post - Simca explains how to model leveling for your pets specifically)

Additionally, Simca posted a link to their spreadsheet:

In addition to Simca's work, Warla from Dragonmaw has also been hard at work turning our cute little companions into remorseless killing machines with the power of numbers. Check out to see what various pets and breeds/natures will look like at any level. Want to know if that fluffy rare speedy Rabbit you caught will strike terror into your opponents at level 25? This is where you find out. Keep in mind, they have wet little noses!

More theory-crafting links: - Warla's site with BreedIDs and scaling to 25 - base species/breed/nature data - Simca's values for breed/nature

So go, young theorycrafter, and frolic in forumulas with your own kind!
Multiple WoW Accounts
My minor child and I share a account. Will we be able to pet battle each other?
Unfortunately at the current time, Blizzard has made Pet Battles active on only ONE WoW account per account. While every WoW account will have access to Pet Battles (and share pets across accounts), only the first account to log-in each play session will be able to use the Pet Battles features. The rest of the WoW accounts will find that the Pet Journal is locked.

If you are serious about wanting access at the same time on separate WoW accounts, you will need to set-up additional accounts for each WoW account you want simultaneous Pet Battle access on. The CSF forum (found ) will better be able to help you with any questions you have pertaining to moving WoW accounts and all. Unfortunately, removing WoW accounts from a account means that the moved WoW account will lose access to the shared pets, mounts, and other BoA privilages (such as heirlooms).

Some more discussion on multiple accounts:

Aieny from Medivh:
It's not about punishing, it's more about technicalities. Pets and mounts are shared across accounts, which means across factions, realms, and game accounts. So, when two game accounts under the same account are open, the pet pool is shared by both accounts. This includes the fact that the battle lineup remains the same across the entire account. So, two game accounts under the same cannot engage in simultaneous fights, or battle with each other, because that leads to a host of problems, including race conditions and powerleveling. To prevent that from happening, the pet journal is locked on all but one open game account when multiple game accounts are active.

Vasala from Baelgun:
In my experience it seems to be the account you log on first that has control of the pets and the second account is the one that is locked. I was able to switch it by logging both accounts out and then logging in the one I wanted to fight on first.

A good discussion thread on this topic can be found here:

I have multiple WoW accounts on my account, with different pets scattered across the accounts. If I stop subscribing on one of those accounts, will I lose access to the pets on that account?
The good news is that battle pets are associated with your account, not the individual accounts. If you stop subscribing on one account, you'll still have access to those pets you obtained on that account.
Pet Battle Stones
What are Pet Battles Stones?
Pet Battles Stones are an item added by Blizzard with patch 5.1 that enables you to upgrade the quality of your battle pet. There's two types of stones: one which will upgrade the quality of pets and one that will upgrade the level of pets.

Quality upgrades (Battle stones): Flawless Battle stones are rewarded for completing some pet quests, can drop from some bosses, can be present in tamer bags, and are available for purchase with either Celestial Coins or Pet Charms. There's also Polished Battle stones (but they only upgrade to uncommon and are pretty useless now).

Leveling stones (Battle-training stones): Currently, there are family specific stones (which drop from battles/tamer battles and are also available for purchase with Pet Charms), Flawless Battle-training stones (which are awarded for completing Menagerie pet quests and available for purchase with Pet Charms), and Fel-touched Battle-Training Stones, which award 5 pet levels and drop from the Fel-Touched Pet Supplies, obtained by battling the legendary pets in Tanaan Jungle.

How do I obtain Pet Battles Stones?
There are several ways, depending on the stone.

Polished Battle Stones are sold by Commander Lo Ping in the Niuzao Temple in Townalong Steppes for 1000 JP. Again, these merely upgrade a pet to uncommon and are pretty much a waste of JP. Do not buy these.

You can purchase a Marked Flawless Battlestone for 3 Celestial Coins obtained from the Celestial Tournament on the Timeless Isle or at the Garrison Menagerie for 15 Pet Charms.

Family Battle-training Stones are a random drop that you get from battling wild pets or Pet Tamers. Mostly, wild pets will drop family specific stones but can drop the general purpose (need to confirm this). Also, some pets seem to have identity confusion and may drop a different family stone. As of 5.4, you can turn 3 family specific stones (ex, Flawless Beast Battle Stone) into one general purpose Flawless Battlestone. Family battle-training stones are also available for purchase at the Garrison Menagerie in the "Mystery Bag" for 2 pet charms (random which family(s) you get). Flawless Battle-training stones are also available at the Garrison for 3 pet charms.

Additionally, once a character has upgraded their Draenor garrison to level 3, they are given a quest outside their new Menagerie by either Lio the Lioness (Alliance) or Serr'ah (Horde) to find a stone outside their garrison mine. Completing this quest rewards the character with the "Ultimate Battle-Training Stone" , which will level any battle pet to 25. This quest can be done on multiple characters.

Currently, Battle Stones *may* disappear from your inventory through the magic of CRZ. If this happens to you, open a ticket to get it restored.

How do I use a Battle Stone?
To use one of these, you need to summon the pet in question, target it, and then use the item. Clicking on the pet in the Pet Journal will not do anything.
Links: The mother of all pet sites. Breanni and the team have maintained a wonderful site chock-full of pet info goodness. Track your collection, compare yourself to others on your realm or the world, exchange tips and tricks on the forums, read up on all the pets.
The official WoW pet battle Game Guide. A great place for a newbie to start.
The official WoW pet battle forum. Brand new as of 26Sep2012. If you're reading this guide, you're already here.
Posts of interest: - Shalura's compilation on pre-existing pet quality – Forum post by Wrelch from Wyrmrest Accord breaking down zones by pet level. – Forum post by Twixi from Garrosh listing each zone's special pets and their levels. – Forum post by Elderbrand from Anvilmar with a pet family mnemonic– Forum post by Tgwaste from Korialstrasz with a "Find Pet Battle" macro – Forum post by Simca with an updated Pet Quality Macro – Forum post discussing multiple WoW accounts and Pet Battle access – Another theorycrafting thread, with much math by Warla and Simca - Blizzard interview with Mumper about Pet Battles
A great site that is full of information on pretty much all of the world of Warcraft. In addition to WoW, there's also information from the Warcraft games, the novels, the graphic novels, the trading card game, and the table-top role-playing game. Pretty nice for looking up lore references. On top of that, they have several very nice write-ups on Pet Battles. Nice listing of weather conditions, status conditions, and pet abilities, among other things.
Wowpedia links: Overview of pet battles Listing of Battle Pet Trainers Listing of the Pet Tamers you can battle Listing of battle pets Listing of battle pet abilities - Pet family chart
Wowhead is pretty much the default site to go to for looking up information on pretty much everything in the game. Items, NPCs, quests – between the maps showing location, screenshots, and comments, you can figure out just about anything you need with Wowhead.
Wowhead links: Listing of pet tamers (comments typically provide the pets the tamer battles with)
An interactive zone map of where to catch battle pets. This may be the greatest thing ever if you gotta catch 'em all.
Nice guide written by Kristopher that gives an overview of the pet battle system.
News site for consolidating blue posts, patch notes, and spoilers for upcoming patches.
Quintessence's (Senior Content Manager at pet blog. More of a general pet collecting blog (having pre-dated pet battles for years), there's some good information and discussions on this site. Also, it's fun to feed her fish in the upper right-hand corner.
Perks and Peeves link: - listing of wild battle pet levels by zone
Pure eye-candy. Drrum takes pictures of her character in outfits to match her pets in appropriate settings. Does this have anything to do with pet battles? Not really. It's just a fun site.

Assorted Theorycrafting Links Warla's worksheet for modeling pet leveling, comparing pet breeds, available breeds, etc - base species/breed/nature data - Simca's value for breed/nature – where to pull breed/nature from the Blizzard API

Macro (written by Nullberri from Lightbringer; updated for 5.1 by Tlym from Netherstorm and Jaede from Dalaran) to check you caught battle pets by zone. This will show pets you have and don't have - caught will be in brackets and show their quality, uncaught will be in plain white font at the end of the list (I use this in conjunction with my printed-out check list to make sure I've got them all). Important: If you have your journal filtered to anything except All Collected and All Not Collected it will only search the pets in your filtered list. So switch back to showing everything before you run the macro:

/run a=GetZoneText();b="- ";x={};p=C_PetJournal;print(a);for i=1,p.GetNumPets(false) do q,_,z,_,_,_,_,n,_,_,_,d=p.GetPetInfoByIndex(i);if string.find(d,a) and not x[n] then if z then print(b..p.GetBattlePetLink(q));else print(b..n);x[n]=1;end end end

Macro (written by Tgwaste of Korialstrasz) to enter and exit random PvP Pet Battles without having to go through the Pet Journal.

macro to join the queue:
/script C_PetBattles.StartPVPMatchmaking();

macro to leave the queue:
/script C_PetBattles.StopPVPMatchmaking();
Note: Some of these addons have been made extraneous with updates to the standard UI. In addition, this is NOT a comprehensive list of all the addons that are available. Suggestions are appreciated and will be added.

PetJournal Enhanced: Adds additional sorting and filtering options to the current journal, as well as additional information. *Note* Some of the sorting options are now part of the standard UI; however, you may still find the addon preferrable.

PetBattleTeams: Easy way to organize teams of pets so you're not constantly digging through your inventory.

Battle Pet Tabs: Another way to organize teams of pets so you're not constantly digging through your inventory.

Rematch Another pet team manager. This one will also help you plan teams with Strong vs. and Weak vs. info and remembers which moves you used against past tamers.

Daily Pet Battle Tamer Can't remember which tamers you've already fought? This add-on marks your map to show you.

Pet Counts/Caught
PetsBattleList Tells you with a straightforward slash command what pets are available in the area you're in. BattlePetsList can also check other zones for battle pets, but you have to be very accurate typing the zone name, and, what's more, it's case sensitive.

PetBattle Count: In the battle, cage or npc tooltip, show the quality of battle pets you already own of that species.

Pet Caught Mousing over a wild pet (prior to battling or on the mini-map) indicates whether you have caught one before and what is the rarity if you have caught one.

PetBattleMaster See the details of your and your opponent's pets in a tabbed view. You get a notification if the enemy pet is missing in your collection or if it has a higher quality than your existing one.

BreedIDs: This one goes out to all you theory-crafters out there - this displays the BreedID, both in the Pet Journal and in battle. It is not compatible with PetBattleGlow.

Pet Theory Creates enhanced tooltips for each pet, shows the rarity of friendly, and purchaseable pets in the tooltips and the journal, and really clearly shows the rarity of wild pets when you're fighting them.

Pokemon-like UIs
PetBattle Pokemon Mod: Makes pet battles more like Pokemon.

Pokemon Trainer: The Pet Battle Mod: Adds information to the tooltip when hovering a Wild Pet. This information contains whether your setup is effective against that pet or not. During a battle, Pokemon Trainer shows the possible abilities of your enemy. It also adds info whether the enemy pets are effective against your pets or not. Make the right decisions: never combat with a pet which will get 50% more damage.

Pet Battle Music: Play custom music during pet battles.

WoWkemon A complete rewrite of the Blizzard Battle Pet frames that is a clone of those from Pokemon.

rPetBattleAnnouncer(StreetFighter) Adds a StreetFigher feel to PetBattles, including a splash screen and music, as well as displaying information on the contenders. Also adds a FIGHT button to start the battle and an EXIT button to forfeit.

Cross Realm Assist Attempting to catch rare pets can be difficult. This addon makes it easier to realm-hop to find the rare conditions you're looking for.

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