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Is there a way to check my pet's breed in game? With out Aladdin?
09/07/2016 07:22 AMPosted by Ancientblood
Is there a way to check my pet's breed in game? With out Aladdin?

Without an Addon, there's no easy way, especially with low level pets. You'd need to know how the H/P/S numbers relate for each pet to each breed. For example, a S/S breed Snail will not have the same speed stat as a S/S breed moth.

With level 1 pets, this is impossible because there is no real stat differetiation. Even addons will get the level 1 breeds incorrect.

If you are serious about knowing breeds, an addon is highly suggested. I don't think it's possible to do it without an addon unless you're Rainman and/or have print-outs for every pet with the numbers.
09/07/2016 07:22 AMPosted by Ancientblood
Is there a way to check my pet's breed in game? With out Aladdin?

In-game without addons? No.

What I typically do if I'm checking for a specific breed I'll bring up WoWHead and search up the pet. From there you can select the rarity and level, and it will show what possible breeds have what stats.
05/01/2016 11:29 PMPosted by Laurelynn
I have noticed that sometimes during a pet battle there will be a pet in the fight that has the quest exclamation next to its' image icon, whether I have already captured it or not. Is there a specific reason for this? Am I missing a pet questline where I have to go capture some specific pets for someone?

Can you provide a screenshot so we can better determine what the problem may be?
please add more ways to deal with heal teams they arnt fun to play or play against they take way to long to kill and when you lose to them its crushing cuase you just spent so much time trying to stop there healing and if you make a mistake and your black fire user dies and now you cant stop the healing at all and that 30 mins is just a long loss

the reason why healing stuff almost works in pokemon and game like it is cause you have so many options to stop it(toxic, taunt, snach, and more) and tons of pokemon that are capeable of one hit KO-ing pokemon that heal but even pokemon has an issue with stall so if that game does it kinda goes triple for this pet battle mini game and i dont think this game should just be forgotten and should be improved upon

not saying this is just pokemon but you cant deny this was based on it i really like how it fits in the WoW but it does need some fixing
would be very cool if you took more pages from pokemon and made a double battle feature and allowed us to carry 4 battle pets i think pet battle needs more depth to make it a game in a game and not just a simple mini game in a game
How can I easily see which pet has a unique move?
This has most likely been asked in here...but there is just too much to read and I was shocked that it wasn't talked about in the FAQ portion and I have found nothing written on the frequency of when you can actually attack wild pets to level your up.

Question: Once I've attack (a rabbit) for instance, I find that I can't attack that type of animal again...with any of my other pets??

How often can you attack and do you have to find a new animal type each time. I have run across animals I haven't attacked yet and I don't get the GREEN PAW??

Can someone explain the basic of how this works...I have not found this information on any of the pet battle forums/sites I have looked into.

Thank you.

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