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09/28/2012 04:50 PMPosted by Grux
I'd love for an addon to get some kind of victory fanfaire Final Fantasy music for the victory. Blizzard really missed out by not adding some kind of victory music!

Oddly enough, they used victory fanfare music from Warcraft 2 as a battle theme.
Odd, that they would use something they own the copyright on rather than something that someone else owns =)
Hopefully people wont think this is to stupid but is it possible to make a "Find Battle" macro so I dont have to open the pet box? :)
Re-organized to have more room for FAQs and re-organized the FAQ section as a whole, to hopefully have it more cohesive and not just random.
Again, if anyone has any addons, or links, or macros, or information they would like to share, please let me know.

Check this one out :

It's kinda awesome.

Have not done the quests to unlock the queue for pet battles thing so unsure how well it works in it.
/waves at Blu
Good to see you again! And thanks for the addon! In process of adding it to the list!
Macro (written by Nullberri from Lightbringer) to check you caught battle pets by zone. This will show pets you have and don't have - caught will be in brackets and show their quality, uncaught will be in plain white font at the end of the list (I use this in conjunction with my printed-out check list to make sure I've got them all):

/run x={};p = C_PetJournal;print(GetZoneText());for i=1,p.GetNumPets(false) do id,_,_,_,_,_,_,n,_,_,_,d=p.GetPetInfoByIndex(i);if string.find(d, GetZoneText()) and not x[n] then if id>0 then print(p.GetBattlePetLink(id));else print(n);x[n]=1;end end end

OK, I figured out why I was having problems with this macro not working sometimes. If you have your journal filtered to anything except All Collected and All Not Collected it will only search the pets in your filtered list. So switch back to showing everything before you run the macro.
I'll add that info to the description. Thanks Shalura!
Sticky requested. Great work. I'm printing it all out and will read it when I have time. :P
09/27/2012 09:08 AMPosted by Phaedra
However, be aware that logging into a character places a short CD ( ~ 1 min) on interacting with a stablemaster (they ask for your to wait a few minutes) and your revive pets ability.

This actually a 3 minute cooldown.
Thanks for the catch Shalura! Updated
Please add us to your list. We are still working on the site. We still need some help adding content if people want to help.
Updated with new link. Shylir, please check your email. Also, back to the front!

Question: has anyone put any thought into compiling a "rare spawn" information sticky, with a listing of the pets that need special conditions to be caught (ie, raining on the island for Baby Ape, daytime for Little Black Ram, winter for Snowy Owl, etc)?

I would love to, but am finding that maintaining this thread is enough for me and I don't feel comfortable as I don't know enough (been too busy putting this thread together to level pets as much as I wanted - oh the irony!).
That would be wonderful to see a list like that. I have started an area on World of BattlePets for it, but I don't know any myself yet. If someone wants to join and start filling in details that would be great.

@Phaedra: Also those few you said, are those the real conditions for them to spawn?
@Shylir - yes, those are the real conditions for those pets, as far as I know.
Back to the front
Added some additional links (also back to the front)
bump for sticky!

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