Cooking Bag

Cooking bag, pantry, root celler or whatever. I would grind whatever rep and pay whatever gold was needed to have one (or more) of the above.

Pretty please with sugar on top?
Came by just to see if there had been any rumors of a cooking bag in the works.
The storage space needed for this stuff is insane.

I'm ok with making an existing bag compatible (tackle box, etc.) or the shed/pantry idea sounds good too. Anything would help!!
This was one of my biggest issues while leveling - I had gathered so many cooking materials that I had very little bag space for quest items and other things. A cooking bag, or adding cooking mats to an existing bag type, would be awesome.
Just wanted to throw my hat in this too. I've been using guildbank space for my mats, because I just simply have no room in my own inventory to hold them (thankfully it's a small guild and no one else touches my stuff heh). I would be happy with any solution to this (bag, pantry, bigger stacks for meats, etc.) but please just something!
I really would like a cooking bag too. The entire main bank tab is filled with mats.
portable bag of holding, only filled with ice? :3
A pantry/root cellar/refrigerator on my farm would be ideal! It's ridiculous the amount of bag space cooking requires now.

Every day I mail food to my alts. They then return it, and then I can get what I need out of the mail. Using a mail box for food storage is kinda silly, but I don't have the room for it all otherwise.

I could use a clothes closet too. ;P
Or you can use one of your alts and get a private guild bank to store all the cooking mats and use postal system to move them to that alt to hold them and filter which other toon needs which cooking mats....I have two private guild banks for such things to store mats for every profession out there.
I would also agree about some sort of cooking bag. In Cata, I had at least 60 slots open at all times and now I am practically full most of the time due to all of the meats and veggies for cooking dailies among other things like farming tools, etc. It would just make things easier (kinda like if we had a tabard tab separate from our bags) :P
yes any storage/container for cooking mats (pantry in the farm, bag, wathever) would be great!
I like to suggest altering the tackle box for cooking and fishing.

I don't think anyone uses that anyway.

I like this idea, as the items do mesh together well.

My bank alt has 3 bags full of fish. Those things are a godsend.

I don't care if you combine them with food or not. BUt Yeah, 36 slot bags are just da bomb.
It has probably already been suggested somewhere in the thread, but rather than another type of special bag, I'd rather see something like a root cellar or cold storage be installed at Yoon's farm that would essentially act like a bank that only hold cooking ingredients. It could even be a rep reward for hitting revered or exalted or something. I do most of my cooking after harvesting vegetables anyway, so it would still be pretty convenient for it to be in Halfhill rather than the sanctuaries in the Vale.
What about an account wide server storage shed with multiple tabs for all types of crafting materials, accessable from the farm on all characters on the same server with access to their own farm. Sort of like the setup for banking, you just have to do it in Halfhill.

No more having to use ingame mailbox to send from one character to another.

Enchant mats
Other misc craft specific mats and non-soulbound crafting tools.

Maybe add a boa/heirloom tab for that sort of stuff, but that would possible be smarter on the bank feature :p
Fully support all the requests for a root cellar/pantry at the farm on hitting Exalted. Sharable among your like faction toons would be nice as well.

Bigger bags - Have already tossed out/sold anything that I don't use and/or can buy back from a Rep vendor, so bigger bags would tempt me to packrat even more.

Alts and alt banks - Mailing items is hardly a gold sink but is a time sink and not a good one. Bad time sinks should not ever be a part of a good game.

Specific Profession Bags (even if bigger) - Have always found these to be too restrictive; one can only place that profession's crafting items in it. Without increasing by another slot on the personal and/or bank bag limit these bags (and I have a mining bag) tend to waste space or I have old mats collecting dust.
10/07/2012 01:05 PMPosted by Morashtak
Alts and alt banks - Mailing items is hardly a gold sink but is a time sink and not a good one. Bad time sinks should not ever be a part of a good game.

I'd gladly pay 1k gold a month total or 100g per character to the greedy little booty bay goblin supplying the storage and ice, if it was account or server/faction wide.

Should cover more than I usually spend to mail mats around in a month :p It is not about gold to me, it is definitly about convinience, and ingame mailing materials is simply not convenient, keeping my mat stock all over multiple characters is not convinient either.

Next step for convinient ingame mail management would be to enable AH content boxes, so auctions stays up instead of getting returned with the ingame mail for repeat performance (EQ2 has this, best broker/ah feature I have seen so far).
This doesn't look like it's getting much attention but count me as another person really annoyed with how much bag space is going towards cooking mats who would love a solution.
My guild's been talking about something like a Pantry (bank storage for cooking ingredients/fish only) at the Sunsong Ranch as well, a nice farm upgrade that makes keeping track of all the cooking mats easy. And/or making it possible to stack things in those grocery bundles and then take them out again, as well as turning them in for tokens.

I already keep specialized bags for my professions, eating up carried and bank space. I'm obsessive about keeping my bank, bags, void storage neat and organized. They're bursting right now with the amount of fishing and farming I've been doing to level my professions and reputations, alongside all those fun quest rewards, extra gear sets, RP stuff...

Honestly the whole inventory system needs a drastic overhaul--it's hideously outdated and difficult to keep expanding on as it is. But in the meantime, some way to alleviate our cooking bag situation would be great. A "Pantry" at Sunsong would help a TON.

Upvoting and requesting sticky to get this thread some attention, as it's needed!

EDIT: Larger stacks of mats would be great too; let us have stacks of 50 or 100 fish and veggies, especially when many recipes and the grocery bundles require those kinds of numbers anyway!
Yea seriously add a Bank to half hill and/or a cooking bag (Or just reduce the amount of mats outright)
About the only thing I can see blizzard saying on this issues is they tell you to make a private guild with one of your alts and buy up some guild bank tabs....really its the fastest and easiest way right now to have the space to store and what other professional mats you need for your whole account.

Many older players of this game been doing this for many years now and blizzard knows it just break down and take one of your alts out of whatever guild its in and make your own only need 4 sigs to from up a guild now....offer up a bit of gold for the sigs...problem solved for the time being until blizzards see fit to maybe give us some type of food bag...

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