Dragon Turtle Colors

Bug Report
The colors of the dragon turtle (at least the normal ones, I don't have the epic ones yet) are either bugged or mislabeled. The black dragon turtle is actually blue, the blue dragon turtle is brown, the brown dragon turtle is gold/yellow and the red and purple dragon turtles are the exact same color (red).
I second this problems, I noticed the red & purple are the exact same color. I just looked at the other colors & I see what you mean about the colors being off. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
Colors are definitely... off. Found the same thing when I just got the normal mounts.
Also noticed the Purple is either too large or the Red is too small. The sizes are all weird
I just bought my turtle mount, and I agree. The purple and red are identical, and the black and blue look wrong.
Well, the red/purple is definitely a bug. Not sure if the others are, but I hope so. Kinda confusing.

Never noticed the size difference before.
The red dragon turtle is using the purple dragon turtles mesh judging by the greater red turtle (which has a much darker shell).

The Purple dragon turtle is also glitchy too from the look of things, on a male blood elf it's considerably larger than the other colours. I'll test some other races now.

Edit: Also the same for a female tauren. In fact, the normal purple dragon turtle is larger than the greater purple dragon turtle.
Quoted from the last thread I saw on the issue. Would be better off in the larger thread

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