Please give monks non-90 PvP gear.

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death knights are blizzard's babies. they've been broken since day 1.
The brutal set is only good from 70-74, but it would be nice to have. I'm just going to level to 77 quickly so I can buy cata gear and one shot everyone in brutal glad gear.
I SUPPORT Monks getting Brutal Glad gear (:
I would like the brutal set to look like the rogues one except dark green maybe :D
They need to do a recolor of Rogue set at 70 and leave it at that. I know its nice to have a 80-85 set but 70 is really the only active twink bracket with available gear
This is my greatest fear seeing as im about to hit the 60s im going to get pooped on in pvp even worse than normal
I'm really getting sick of this, should made it/been there from day one
I completely agree with this, and I believe blizzard would as well. Only, they do not really read class forums. Perhaps make a new topic on the general page, the PvP forums, or the damage dealing forums for more attention.

Despite what some may say, it is a valid issue. PvP leveling is legitimate, particularly from 70-74. I always make a point to do that bracket during my leveling. Unfortunately, I'll be skipping it on the monk =/
People don't always play alts simply to reach 90. Myself, I like slowing down at certain levels to enjoy different things, be it zones, dungeons, professions, or even PvP.

You may not know this, but 70-74 is a pretty active bracket. It's pretty easy to get the PvP gear, and it is a refreshing change of pace, especially when you've done Northrend on so many other characters.

I am in no way saying that this is the most pressing issue at this time (and I don't believe the OP is either), but this does have a negative impact on my play, and is worth mentioning. It absolutely seems to be an oversight, seeing as how every other class has a set, and DKs had one implemented after their incarceration.
Yes please.
They're not going back in time to make new gear. Get over it. Been the same way since Day 1, stop trying to change the game I use to know and love.
I don't know if this has been mentioned, but there's also no PvP trinket for monks until the 60s if you jump to do the Hellfire quest. If you don't do that one, none until 70. Also, the vendors where you buy the low level gear. (-8 gear.) I don't think the weapons show up for monks. I'm not saying you have to add everything, but it'd be nice to see PvP sets. Not everyone leveling their monks will be using their heirlooms and it's quite a turn off to the monk class when they don't get the same fair treatment the other classes get.

With that said, hopefully we'll be seeing the set soon. (It did, afterall, take DKs a while to get their set.)
11/11/2012 09:13 AMPosted by Poisondart
They're not going back in time to make new gear. Get over it. Been the same way since Day 1, stop trying to change the game I use to know and love.

Once upon a time, DKs didn't have a 70 set either.
Now they do. It's the same as the warrior set, but who cares.

WOAH /mindblown.

How is trying to get monks a brutal set to wear trying to change the game you "use to know and love" in a bad way?

It seriously doesn't effect you at all.
You're dumb. :|
That's what pisses me off about bliz's antics. If they don't think enough people will complain, then they get really damn lazy.

What I mean is that, people would be happy with just a recolored version of a druid or rogue set, or even just a recolored version of something even more generic. At least until they design the actual set (lawl next year probably). The problem with this, is that most people want/need it so they can pvp competivly at those levels.

There's nothing wrong with pvping at that level, it seems like a lame excuse of bliz's that they don't consider early levels worth balancing. I was cought completely by suprise when, at lvl 48, i did what i've done for almost every character i've ever made, went to the pvp vendors to spend some of the honor i'd gained. Oh..nothing but boots and belts.
I support cancer research.
I stopped caring about this when I dinged 80 :P

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