Yo Reszo

you have killed me countless times, and thats cool. its a pvp server and thats how it should be. But never was i at full life or were you by yourself. AGAIN, it doesnt matter on a pvp server. if its red its dead. But to assume i cant pvp because killing me while i am already almost dead or with your friends is foolish. You were deafted soundly in a 1 on 1 battle. i even had half life and still over came. Keep to fighting in big groups, clearly 1 on 1 isnt your style. Most fun ever had while trying to level.
Looks like a really bad paladin just got called out, by a warrior.

*Then Sir Chillerace lol'd*
I had cds you are extremely lucky that pallys need there wings to burst your broken second wind ticks too fast lol
You ran... btw
15k reduel? =)
I just solo'd a level 90 warrior get at me! name: Bahalnd
he was afk :(

and again.... NOPE nice try
Whoa whoa whoa

A RET lost to a warrior?

GTFO of my class
Meh, all casters kinda handle warriors now (as it should be). :3
i solo'd a lvl 90 BM Hunter at 85. get at me?
Haha reszo. He couldn't kill me alone so I ended up killing me. The second time he had to get his ally friend to kill me and even then it took them awhile. Gotta love fail ally gankers. The best was an 87 shammy and me at 85 and I ended up killing him with 1000ms :D
Whoa whoa whoa

A RET lost to a warrior?

GTFO of my class

Get at me.

Come at me bro?
Is this what the forums are for? Less than average players to talk about each other while failing at ganking each other?

You are all pathetic.
09/28/2012 10:43 AMPosted by Unsubtle
my dads better than your dad

Not even close.

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