[H]Eternal Redemptiion16/16[Normal]1/16[Hero]

Eternal Redemptiion is a small/medium level 25 guild that moved to Arthas [H] September right before MoP came out. Our Main 10 man raiding group is Semi-Hardcore/Casual Team Destructiion✔ is 1/6 Heroic MSV 6/6 Normal MSV 6/6 HOF 4/4 Terrace . Our 10 man raiding group is finally getting smoothed out and Bugs removed, ATM the team is full but we are always looking for quality raiders for trials and backups. We also have our weekend core Team Havoc✔ filled with ALTs and new Guildies is still filling up and has some open spots. All casual and friendly players are welcome app if you'd like!!

Team Destructiion✔
Lead by: Diisaster
Co-Leader: Athenajane/Blackmorr
Days: Tuesday / Wednesday & Thursday
Times: 8:30pm-12am, Be online and ready by 8:15/8:30 pm.

Team Havoc✔
Lead by: Mariisoul(Athenajane)
Co-leader: Influënza(Diisaster)
Days: Friday & Saturday
Times: 8:30-11:30pm

Team Destructiion✔Films Each New Progression Boss Kills Here Is Our Youtube Link Courtesy Of Our Boomy Hillis!

Check our kills out!!!

http://www.youtube.com/user/asfreese418 *** MAKE SURE TO CLICK 1080P HD!!! ***

For more information here is a list of contacts on Horde Arthas,

Diisaster- Guild master
Athenajane- Co-Guild master
Biigmighty- Co-Guild master
Gilley- Officer
Liilmighty- Officer

******** Http://www.Eternalredemptiion.enjin.com/ *********
http://www.youtube.com/user/asfreese418 . Our boss kills
We are still looking for some friendly people to join us and be a part of our 4 core raids. I am an officer in the guild and have been with them for a year now, couldnt imagine raiding with a better group of people! They enjoy friendly competition but dont go overboard... So if your are looking for a fun and friendly raid/pvp environment... apply on our site http://eternalredemptiion.enjin.com/

We have Girls! lmao ^^^
your such a dork :)
Ya but we want alot more girls plz apply!
WTB more Girls and we have cookies!
09/28/2012 11:04 AMPosted by Gankidy

^^^ i say this daily :)
We have Cookies! You been holding out on me FIVE!!
Its ok ill bake you some cookies!
Still Recruiting, New freshly baked cookies!!!!!
Still looking for some raiders, 4 raid groups forming and filling up quickly... Also we have some PvPers and will be doing bgs and helping gear up during MoP progression. Message me or another officer for info or post a reply, we check them out daily!!!
We are still recruiting the guilds getting Bigger and better day by day. Hit is up on here or at Http://www.eternalredemptiion.enjin.com
Team Havoc still recruiting!! please msg me in game or reply and we can get together on vent or in game to work out the details..
Still looking for players? Arms warrior here
Yes we are i accepted your app, get online and send someone a msg and get an invite, or msg me and we can talk about what you are looking for
Still recruiting !!!
I'm not raid ready yet but am interested in joining, that ok?
yeah Msg me or athenajane ingame!
My core will be up in a few weeks, looking for ppl who are gearing/ leveling slowly! Im still working on my DK, ill decide wether i go tank or dps on what kind of ppl sign up... <Team Havoc> msg me ingame or send an in game mail to athenajane, or my alt mariisoul!!!

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