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We have two 10 mans working on Elegon (5th boss) still recruiting for the weekend core Team Asylum✔ and Killa Core✔ !!... Post on here or at Http://eternalredemption.enjin.com ( In game Diisaster/ or Athenajane ) Also Soon going to be recruiting more for RBGS/ ARENAS
Still recruiting!!! Looking for several raiders and some people interested in BGing :)
bump 6-6 MSV, Starting HoF this week.
Hi there,

My wife and I are looking for a raiding guild - I play Prot Paladin and she plays Disc Priest. We have endgame experience from WotLK up to pre-MoP H:Madness.

We're looking for a positive, mature guild environment that we can become active members in that's low on drama.

Our available times are ~8pm - 12pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday and usually Thursday with some avail on other nights and weekends with planning.

If there might be a possibility of raid slots for us we'd love to chat with someone.

Thanks for your time. :)
Message me sometime tomorrow/night if You can we can try to work something out!
Hello there

We're a couple: 477 Prot Pally package deal w/ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/chogall/Hannahbanana/simple

Looking for a more permanent home. Available to raid anytime after 7PM cst/ 8pm est on week days and anytime on weekends, Pally has been raiding since vanilla in several toons. Hunter has been raiding since Wotlk. 8/8HM in Cata which is not really saying much, but prolly counts for something. Let me know if you guys are interested.

Thank you
Athenajane, myself and the rank 10 pally on server are looking for raiding guild atm, and your tuesday/thursday group works perfectly, if you could hit me up in game or on forums Tsleazy#1276 : battletag, HMU im on all the time
hey there, Im a 478 Boomkin Looking for a Raid Group!
Recruiting two solid players!!!!!!
Yeah we are looking for two active, non-druid dps classes. Pretty much our group has alot of options right now and we would love to get experienced raiders who can push content with us. Our group has had a few hiccups but its still progressing along nicely. I would advise to get up with us as soon as possible as it looks like several folks are interested in trying out. Thanks in advance for considering us as a guild.
Ya But we are in need of more girls (lots)
Girls never last, they are guild hoppers if they dont get there way :P Anyway Weekend core recruiting going to be starting up within a week or 2. msg me in game or send a reply here if you are interested. In need of everything atm! Minus 1 dk tank thats me :)
Still Recruiting for these 2 spots!! We are trialing a few Dps's this week Everyone that meets what we are looking for Get at us quick, great group just need 2 more to get some massive Progression in this 10 man Content
Hunter LF Hardcore Raiding guild 472 ilevel
Bump, Still looking for some standbys for our Team Destructiion, also Team Havoc needs 1 tank, 3 heals one with an off spec and several good dps!
Still recruiting We will be 3/6 HOF tomorrow min!! Bumpage
Bump!!! 3/6 HOF
Bump Should be 4/6 hof min this week still recruiting

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